Gem Miner game for Android ( Apk Download )


The object of the game is to control a miner while mine for precious minerals and gems using various tools as the search for fame and fortune.

Gem Miner

Gem Miner is a quirky game for Android where you take the role of a miner. The entire objective of the game is to dig up rare and precious metals to sell back at base camp. In exchange you can get bigger and better equipment to help you get farther down in the mine.

It’s a fun game and the gameplay is very simple. In this game, your mission is to get as far as you can in a mine full of dangers … but also full of potential wealth that we take home. Our mission is to descend into the mine for materials and return to the surface to sell before it’s too late and our poor dwarf star dies from the hundreds of dangers lurking in the mine. Upon returning to the surface can not only rest to regain strength, but we can also sell the materials that we collected during our expedition. With the money we can buy ropes, ladders and other tools to go further and survive longer. Gem Miner is a game of … survival, in which the key is to have a good strategy when down the mine. That is, how important the game is good resistance ration and know exactly what to do every time.

There are three difficulty levels to select. These are: easy, medium or hard. It will be a good idea to choose easy if you’re a beginner because the game can get frustrating if you are out of your reach. Luckily, for all levels of difficulty are optional tutorials to teach you the essentials. The difficulty levels determine how fast you will be without resistance, and how often you will come across gems.

Gem Miner was developed for Android by Psym Mobile. Download Gem Miner 2 Apk file for Android.

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