Download Garden Of Weeden Android Apk


Virtually grow the medical Marijuana plant right on your android device with Garden Of Weeden Android game.

Garden Of Weeden is a very complete game for your Android device that allows you to grow selling herbs on your phone! Your job is to buy marijuana plants at a low price and sell them high! Play online and compete with your friends or other players. It has 6 rooms for growing marijuana! Palmer to weeds and other players get instead of joy-grass.
Download Garden Of Weeden Android apk

Garden Of Weeden for Android is a virtual medical marijuana growing Social Game, where you grow a variety of strains of marijuana as White Widow, Purple Urkle or Skunk among others in up to 6 different rooms!

The more you harvest the more rooms are available. In this game, your job is to buy marijuana plants, keep your marijuana plant until it’s become very largeand even sell them at high price to other players in real time! On the other hand one of the main objectives of Garden Of Weeden Android is to get money, and the main source of income will be selling our crop of marijuana to other players, or invest in the purchase of marijuana in season and sell it at a higher price later. To contact the other users there is a chat very intuitive and easy to use. The graphics in Garden Of Weeden are very functional and pleasing to the eye.

The game Garden Of Weeden banned from iPhone & iPad. It also has been removed from google playstore. But yu can enjoy the game by sideloading the apk file.
Most frequently updated Android game Garden Of WEEDen now at v3.3.3. The game features virtual Grow Room +Chat + SELL THE WEED IN YOUR SAFE. Grow plants LEGALLY from the privacy of your own phone!
The latest version comes with minor Bug Fix, New Strain, New Chatroom, new rules, and agreements. As always, Save Settings before upgrading!
Grow your own Marijuana plant from seed to harvest in the privacy of your own phone! smoke, pot, leaf, flower, farm, pet, purple, cannabis, growing, reefer. By harvest day you should have a nice big plant with lots of buds!

Follow the link below to download Garden Of Weeden Android Apk
Garden Of Weeden Android Apk file

Help with Updating:
1. Uninstall
2. Unmount SD Card
3. Then InstallAfter install you can move the game back to your SD card!

Garden Of WEEDen -Virtual Grow was developed for Android by Tom Gibara

  • shawnd

    How do I get garden of weeden

  • KEI

    the only reason i want this app is cause its annoying and cant be found soo easily

  • brad
  • toni
  • Rene
  • Stoney

    Found 4.0.3 I can email if you leave a MSG on here not sure I’m allowed to post link, don’t want to get banned or something, son just leave MSG can send

  • Stonkeeper

    4.0.3 is out does anyone have a link for that?

  • goo3y

    This is a fake version. I wouldn’t trust this app on my phone. Who knows what kind of information this app could be reading or stealing from your phone. This is about as safe as installing a stolen copy of an app on your personal home computer!!!

    Support the Developers of this Game and purchase it from the Google Market!

    • stefan

      I know you are the developer of this game but can’t buy it because i’m not from USA or those countrys where the marrket is enable. So if i want to buy the game shoul download marketenable.apk and root my phone. I don`t want to root my phone…srry 😐

    • graeme

      hallo mate i have been tryin to download this garden of weeden for ags mate how do i download the file on to my iphone so i can play it

    • kalani

      Why r the spot froze and how true or wen is this upgrade I keep hearing about coming out. Or is this game done w update

  • stefan

    great game!!! version 3.3.4 is now available. please give us a link for download 😀