Best Free Games for Android you should Download This Week


Our favorite picks of the best free android games of the week.

Weekend is knocking at the office door. If you want to spend some quality time gaming on your Android device in this weekend, checkout the games listed below. Follow the link to Google Play Store (The Android Market) to download them.

Now browse through the weekly android gaming roundup and instantly enjoy the best free android games of the week.

Godfire- Rise of Prometheus

Godfire- Rise of Prometheus android game of the week8.6Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is an action adventure game in the style of Hack and slash where you become Prometheus and your goal is to annihilate everything that comes in front of you and save humanity. In your adventure will have to explore a beautiful world full of secrets, puzzles and dozens of unique items, and of course, engage in brutal fight with hordes of enemies and bosses.

Download Godfire here

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions best free android games8.2Imagine all the Marvel characters gather and play hardball in a fighting game that is simple but addictive. Basically that’s what you get in the Marvel Contest of Champions. The game invites you to recruit nearly all the super heroes of Marvel, in order to play fighting in iconic locations from the Marvel universe, seeking to become Champions.

Download Marvel Contest of Champions here

Roller Polar

Roller Polar android weekly gaming roundup8.3Polar Roller is a platform game in which your goal is to help a friendly teddy bear to keep on top of a snowball rolling ungoverned. Teddy bear must jump boulders, trees and animals in order to achieve the highest score possible. Each time it passes by an obstacle, the item sticks and if you’re not careful, it will hit the poor protagonist, putting an end to his journey.

Download Roller Polar here

Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild

Rogue Legend- Tame the Wild android game7.1Rogue Legend Tame the Wild is a simulation game where you will have to do various activities such as farming, building a dream home, crafting, and equip yourself with weapons to hunt creatures. By injecting elements of sand-box crafting inspired by Minecraft gameplay, you’ll surly have fun with this game.

Download Rogue Legend here

Outcast Odyssey

Outcast Odyssey android rpg game7.3The game Outcast Odyssey takes a steampunk and fantastic style mixed with a card system. In the game you’ll have to take control of an adventurer who seeks to survive after a great war. Based on a system of forces like rock, paper, scissors, you must equip yourselves with powerful cards that allow you to destroy your enemies. The gameplay is quite similar to rock paper scissors, so it is simple to learn, and requires many hours to master it.

Download Outcast Odyssey here

Touch Racing 2

7.5Touch Racing 2 is an extreme racing game with racing cars, SUVs, and even motorboats. You can use formula one car or even boats, as well as having the option to customize your vehicle to let it according to your tastes. Touch Racing 2 has a very simple touch control system and anyone can learn to use it in a few minutes even if you do not have any intimacy with racing games.

Download Touch Racing 2 here

Barty Run

Barty Run android game8.5Barty Run is a side-scrolling endless runner where you will control the surrounding environment instead of controlling the main character, a pig being pursued by pirates. As the pigs ran stamina will quickly run out, therefore you have to keep throwing bananas from the monkeys in the direction of the pig. The flurry of environmental control is what will make the Snake Run increasingly difficult and exciting.

Download Barty Run here

Amazing Ninja

Amazing Ninja game for android phone7.8In Amazing Ninja game for Android where you will play the role of a blue ninja who kept running and your goal is to kill the red ninjas and save the blue ones. Tap the left of the screen to jump if it meets with the blue ninja (friend). In the meantime you have to tap the screen right to strike if it meets the red ninja. Amazing Ninja is quite challenging because it will test your concentration and reflexes.

Download Amazing Ninja here

These are the top rated and most downloaded android games you should try this week. Also suggest your favorite choice in the comment section below. For more top free android games checkout our weekly roundups.