GameBoid GBA Emulator Android Download, GBA Bios and Best GBA ROMs for Android


We all would love to play old classic games from GameBoid on Android Devices. Download GameBoid GBA Emulator Android and go back to old school gaming.

GameBoid is the famous GameBoy Advance emulator for Android. Run GameBoid games on your Android devices with full speed and full screen view.

Download GameBoid (GBA Emulator) Android       Download GameBoid (GBA Emulator) Android

GameBoid (GBA Emulator) Android features:
– Context menu in ROM list
– [O] GBA save type
– Support zipped BIOS
– Key mappings for TL+TR
– Run most games at full speed
– Customizable on-screen keypad
– Save states
– Cheats
– Fast-forward (turbo)
– Multiple key profiles
– Screen upside-down

GameBoid (GBA Emulator) was developed for Android by yongzh
Package name : com.androidemu.gba
File size: 514KB

Download GameBoid GBA Emulator Android v1.3.2
GameBoid (GBA Emulator) android apk

GameBoid (GBA Emulator) is a Free Android App. You can Download GameBoid (GBA Emulator)lite from the link above or Simply use Mobile Phone Camera with Barcode reader to Download from Android Market.

Installation Instruction: To be able to play GameBoid games with GBA Emulator on  Android you need GBA bios file. Download GBA_Bios.bin copy it to your SD Card. Now open the GBA Emulator and specify the Bios file. When the Emulator started hit the menu button and select to load game Rom. ROM Is the source for GBA Games, every games has it’s own ROM. Download Best GBA ROMS for your Android from brothersoft. You can also google for GBA ROMS and find the best one.

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  • karina

    the link to the GBA BIOS has expired. Please reupload it. 🙁

  • karina

    the link to the GBA BIOS has expired. Please reupload it. 🙁

  • karina

    the link to the GBA BIOS has expired. Please reupload it. 🙁

  • Cris

    Downloaded it but doesn’t work

  • katie

    GBA Emulator Android Apk – This last 2 weeks. play all of your Gameboy Advance games on your Android device. Download GBA Emulator Android Apk.

  • adrian

    what is link can I download gbabios.bin in onother site?


    Hey the file has been deleted from media fire, can you upload it again??
    and when i scanned the barcode it said it’s not available..!!
    Please upload it again 🙂

  • Guarino

    Doesn’t work on Samsung Galaxy S II, when try to start a rom, black screen, than back to rom list

    • GiecK

      Same problem of guarino..
      im disappointed..

      • JWarn

        I’m having this problem as well. I have even downloaded the ROM’s separately from my computer and put them into a separate folder in my SD, yet to no avail, I can access the ROM’s, but it just goes to a black screen whenever I attempt to open them.

        • KUTKit

          I can’t even find it on the market..

  • Help

    same thing happens to me on my xperia x10 :S

  • Sam

    HTC Wildfire S, I’m just going to assume that Gameboid doesn’t work on 2.3 similar to how John’s GBA Emulator doesn’t. Something changed with the new OS.

  • any info helps

    im having the same problem as gascom, im almost 100% sure i did everything right, although i didnt dl from a cpu then copy to my phone, i will try after i post. anyways im running gameBoid lite and used AndroZip for file management, on the HTC 4G.. any help would be greatly appreciated, ty.

  • Kirk

    Wait. Are those files (file 1, file 2, etc) necessary or just roms that you liked? If so what ROMs?

  • Sev

    after i load the bios, i click the menu button but there is no “load game ROM”, only “ROM Gripper”, “Refresh”, “Search ROMs”, and “Help”….. so i can’t play the game??

  • Kendall7

    I have the Sprint Galaxy S II and for sum reason every time that i play Gameboid for a period of time (approx. 10mins) it shuts off randomly.. Why Ian that? Or how to you resolve it? Can you please help me with this problem. It is very frustrating. :/

    • Job

      I’m having the same problem with my Sprint Galaxy S II. I’ll be playing for a period of time and gameboid will randomly shut off without any warning. Any ideas on what’s causing this?

  • leo

    How to specify the bio file in the settings as i keep on having load bios failed

  • pertamax

    GameBoid doesn”t work in my phone 🙁

  • gascom

    Do the .bin files (the roms and the bios file) need extracting or anything?

    The problem I’m having is that I downloaded gameboid to my phone, downloaded the bios file, specified it, then tried to run a ROM and all that happens is the screen goes black. Then after a few seconds it takes me back to the screen asking to choose a ROM. What am I doing wrong?

    • blazze

      I got the same problem

      My Device:
      Samsung Galaxy Mini – ROOTED

    • TheGreatNailer

      same here, the screen goes black for a moment, and then goes back to the rom specification screen. it displays the message ” gameboid is running”

    • Utkarsh

      Dont these people reply? Im having the same problem!

      • nekta

        where can i download ful hd galaxy tab games help pls

    • SpiritWolf

      I’m having the same problem. I am using the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  • myles

    ok so heres the problem im having. i have the p970g phone and have tried to get gamboid working on this phone. i have a mac computer so im wondering if this is a problem but i have downloaded the above file, put it on my phone and i cant find it when turning on the gamboid app. can someone please help me 🙂

  • K.O.D.

    THANKS A LOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::)))))))))))

  • lackofintel

    Ok, so let’s say you have gameboid *the full version on your computer and you want to copy it to your phone, where do you place it? Is there a specific file structure for the games and the program? I attempted to copy this to the main directory and the data directory but I cannot find the program that i copied. I attempted to download a viewer of the market that allows me to view my phone’s content and am still unable to find the file.

    • lackofintel

      off* the market

  • maki otomo

    i cannot download gameboid for my android os 2.3 gingerbread. i can’t find it in android market.

  • Mike

    umm..can i use this without an android phone?

  • bob

    I dont know where the file to specify it is

  • gabriel jr

    Wil this app work on my huawei m860 acsent from metro pcs kuz I got the mojo gba lite but it keeps tripin

  • Aydork

    Hey, when i go to download this app, it says that it is unavailable.

    Is there anywhere i can get this from because the barcode scanner wont find it and searching for it doesn’t return any results.

  • Robert

    I downloaded the Emulator then specified the bios file. The gameboy screen chimes but when i select the menu then the load button, there’s nothing in the slots, they’re all empty. do i need to download all the ROMS files cause i only downloaded the File 1 to see if it would work. I also dragged and dropped the ROM in the same folder as the Bios. Please help thanks

    • bob

      U need to open the saved file with your phone

    • jonathan romero

      you need to download gameboy games at

  • John

    Hey… this is the lite verion i download it and was playing pokemon fire red. i then wanted to take a break and save… when i returned i went to load (obviously) and it said that it was feature only of the full version… and suggested that i buy it

    • Cuileann


      January 22, 2011 at 5:39 pm

      Hey… this is the lite verion i download it and was playing pokemon fire red. i then wanted to take a break and save… when i returned i went to load (obviously) and it said that it was feature only of the full version… and suggested that i buy it”

      Reason for this being it’s not the full version, however in pokemon if you save it as you would on a gameboy the file normally save the same, this worked for me with the Gameboid Colour lite I’ve yet to try with this version………… Ps. Pokemon rocks.

  • ice_pick88

    thanks a lot for this step by step procedure to install gameboid to my droid.

    thanks again! 🙂

    • Zisne1

      How do u specify the bio file in the setings????