GalaxyCore LiveWallpaper(Best) Android Download v1.3

GalaxyCore LiveWallpaper(Best) is a stunning live wallpaper includes many rotating spiral galaxies for your Android Homescreens. Them are Vega Galaxy, Lyra Galaxy, Orion Nebula, Aquila Nebula and our Galactic Core. More outer space galaxies coming soon.

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Recent changes GalaxyCore LiveWallpaper(Best):
v1.3 add Deep-sea Swirl Nebula and Pupil Nebula.
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GalaxyCore LiveWallpaper(Best) was developed for Android by Yu Xin
Package name : com.jarodyv.livewallpaper.galaxies.apk
File size: 754KB

Download GalaxyCore LiveWallpaper(Best) Android v1.3
GalaxyCore LiveWallpaper(Best) Android apk

GalaxyCore LiveWallpaper(Best) is a Free Android Live Wallpaper. Download GalaxyCore LiveWallpaper(Best) from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.