Get Galaxy S5 Heart Rate Monitor on other android phone with Instant Heart Rate app


Turn your Android device into a heart rate measure tool with the app Instant Heart Rate, forget Galaxy S5 heart rate monitor tool.

Get Galaxy S5 Heart Rate Monitor on any android phone

Most of you already know that Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone galaxy S5 features a dedicated scanner on the rear panel which can measure your heart rate. But do you know that your regular android smartphone is capable to do exactly same thing. You may ask why galaxy s5 has a scanner if any regular phone can do the job? According to some test done by various experts such as folks over technobuffolo, galaxy s5’s scanner is nothing better at measuring heart rate than a well-known andorid app called Instant Heart Rate.

Instant Heart Rate is a free application for your Android powered device that is able to measure the rate or pulsations of your heart with astonishing accuracy using the camera of your devices, to identify and monitor your health and optimize the way you do sports and exercise. To that the application uses a technique similar to that used by medical pulse oximeters. While we can not guarantee its accuracy, it is an interesting proposal and generates some fun time.

Instant Heart Rate, winner of The best Health & Fitness app on Mobile Premier Awards 2011 (award for best application of Health & Fitness), is a complete “heart rate monitor” offering a high degree of accuracy, it works without needing anything more than your Smartphone and a finger. You can use it to optimize your exercise and see your progress.
Before test the app, Lets know the normal range of heart rate:
Heart rate is the number of heart contractions or beats per minute. Each person has different heart rate depends on factors such as age, sex, physical condition, emotional, etc..
A healthy person at rest has the pulse on the range 60-100. During exercise can go up to 150-200. During sleep may be in the 40-60 range.

The app Instant Heart Rate works really well for what it is. You just have to gently put your finger on the camera lens, wait until the meter stabilizes and display on the screen the number of bpm. To estimate the beats, Instant Heart Rate measures the change in the oxygen saturation in your blood. With every heart beat your blood is more oxygenated which produces changes in the color of your skin. The mobile camera tracks these changes and calculates your heart rate with a real-time graph where you see the beating of your heart.

In the Settings option of the application you can enable additional options to display more information, but consume more resources of the device. Before placing your fingers on the camera lens, you must ensure that your fingers are not cold and should not push your finger too much. You can also save the data on your device memory and share the results via Facebook, Twitter or email and SMS. Use the link below to download the free version of Instant Heart Rate app and see yourself.
Downlaod Instant Heart Rate Android App