Galactic Core Donation Live Wallpaper Apk Download

Galactic Core Donation is a stunning live wallpaper for Android that will put emotion to the bottom of your mobile screen. A beautiful Galaxy rotating and moving as you pass from one desktop to another, or tilt the phone.

Galactic Core Live Wallpaper

Galactic Core Donation is a stunning live wallpaper featuring a spinning spiral galaxy for Android Smartphones. This Donation version has lots of settings available, including color tints, rotation speed and direction, touch sensitivity, camera motion, and more!

Galactic Core Donation Live Wallpaper: The animated background shows a spiral-shaped galaxy on Your Android device. Basically Galactic Core offers an animation of a rotating spiral galaxy in 3 dimensions, to create a different effect on your Android desktop. Tapping on the screen you can change the perspective of the galaxy to observe it from different angles. The image is constantly rotating, but the animation is not only restricted the movement of the heavenly bodies: every touch you give the screen makes the image get a different perspective, is dragging your finger point to another Desktop or even going Up and down.

Also allows you to make some settings, such as the speed, direction of rotation, colors, change the orientation by moving the mobile or not, touch sensitivity, and more. The app even has customization options, but all are part of the version.

If you already downloaded and do not know how to activate not worry here’s how, you hold down your finger on the screen until you see the menu to change the wallpaper, select Live Wallpapers, and there appear Galactic Core Live Wallpaper for you to configure according to your Android phone.

TO USE: Home->Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers
Galactic Core Donation was developed for Android by KittehFace Software
Package name : fishnoodle.spacescapewallpaper.apk
File size: 1.69MB

Download Galactic Core Donation Android Live Wallpaper apk v1.55
Galactic Core Donation android apk
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