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Fruit Slice Android Game is the BEST FRUIT juicy game on Android Play Store, for FREE!  An addictive game for your Android device with Awesome graphics. Slice fruit by your finger, and enjoy fruit juice! Can you be Master Shifu of Fruit?

Fruit Slice Android Game

Fruit Slice is a popular arcade game where you swipe your finger to slice Fruits. Various fruits like pineapples, oranges, watermelon, banana, coconuts and many more available to slice. The fruits fly on the air and you have to slice them before the fall down. Slicing the fruits splashes juice which seems very realistic with sound effect. there is four game mode available: classictimepipeline, and one shot.

In Classic mode you can slice fruits and get score until you miss three fruits. Timed mode will test how many Fruit you can Slice in fixed time and get scored as high as possible. In Pipeline mode Fruit you have to slice fruit in a specific way otherwise your chance will end. One shot, as you guess from the name require to slice fruits with just one slice only.

fruit slice android game download         Fruit Slice Android Game

+ The best performance, run well on low CPU phones.
+ The smallest app size with very high graphic and sound quality.
+ Swipe to play game.
+Could have more elements in the gameplay

The motive of this game is to slice and dice all the fruits.
Many varieties of fruits are to be chopped
Many other interesting fruits to look for
Once you slice fruits you get points on table
Then Set a new high score
Slice the fruits in a row
There are two different modes namely classic and the time mode

Fruit Slice was developed for Android by DroidHen
Fruit Slice apk name : com.droidhen.fruit.apk
File size: 2MB

Fruit slice android game download from google play store for Free using the widget below.

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  • kayla

    i play this game on my boyfriends phone…so addicting…so distracting ….

  • Selman

    This games blade cuts to fucken slow

  • otha jr corder

    I like my new phone

  • ace

    How to change user name in this game?

  • sandra

    I LOVE IT!!!! 🙂

  • sam

    Can’t submit my scores!

  • Kira

    Yeah I love this app but there is no power ups like on slice ninja

  • soso


  • aaron

    doesnt work on hero