Best Free Android Games On The Play Store This Week


Download these hand-picked top free Android Games from the recent releases on Google Play Store.

Welcome back to our weekly android gaming round-up where we suggest you some of the best games from play store available to download for Free. Don’t bother looking for exciting games on the Play Store because we do it for you every week! Here are the top free games of the week.

Let’s checkout them and install on your google powered phone or tablet. Keep yourself entertained during the weekend.

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

Leisure Suit Larry android game on

This is not for kids! our matured readers, let’s help Larry to find his true love. It would be the most funniest games you’ve ever played on your mobile device. The original Leisure Suit Larry back on mobile with Over 14,000 fans chipped on kikstarter.

Download Leisure Suit Larry

Champs: Battlegrounds

If you are a fan of multiplayer online games then welcome to battle arena of Champs: Battlegrounds Android games. Combined with strategy of board gaming you will have to take six heroes to fight against six enemies. The game to allows to earn currency with every victory, that you need to upgrade your characters.

Download Champs: Battlegrounds

Exp3D (Space Shooter – Shmup)

An old-school shmups like Ikaruga or DoDonPachi where you control your ship to escape from enemy bullets and wait for your special weapon to fully loaded. Destroy enemies and grab their orbs to upgrade your ship.

Download Exp3D on Playstore

Nun Attack: Run & Gun

The Nuns are back and they’re on their way to a new adventure… Play as a cool nun who dared to fight the ghosts that brings the power of evil. In the game there are 4 characters to choose (After first one others will unlock with coins and diamonds that you collect during the game) who have unique super powers. In addition, there are 40 missions with more than 150 battles. Collect all the coins to reach the summit, the leaders of the table.

Download Nun Attack on Playstore

Middle Manager of Justice

Middle Manager of Justice android game

Middle Manager of Justice for Android is a wonderful twist on the theme of superheroes that turns the usual action of this type of game into something more like a way of management and strategy. Your job is to train some superheroes, make them stronger to fight against the forces of evil that are running amok in your city. To do this you have a base from which you can train your heroes and a series of missions to move up. So become an agency manager of superheroes, work on them to
increase their skills and tactics to save your city from the evil forces.

Download Middle Manager android game

Dots: A Game About Connecting

Dots is a game about connecting, which is very popular in other mobile platform finally reached on Android. The gameplay is very simple: connect the circles of the same color lines on a vertical or horizontal. The essence is simple but in fact play interesting and entertaining because of good sound design. You can connect the accounts of the social networks Twitter and Facebook, where you see the progress of your friends and compare your progress with them.

Download Dots android game

Already downloaded these top fee games from google playstore? Share the name of your favorite one. Know a title wroth including in this list? Mention the name in the comments below. Cheers!

  • claire

    great list of games!! i loved mission of crisis and dead trigger especially. i’m not very good at such games but it keeps me entertained for long periods! thanks for the recommendations! :)

    • Anatole Guyot-Reeb

      Thank you ! :)