Free Android Tower Defense Game : Save The Cave review


Save the Cave is a free Android Tower Defense Game where you defend your cave territory and save your food from hungry and invasive creatures.

Save The Cave: Tower-Defense Android game! Command your wild cavemen warriors and use their unique skills to ward-off pesky animals and secure your land! Are you ready? Download Save The Cave and let the game begin!

Save The Cave is a tower-defense Android game wherein you command your cavemen to guard your cave and your food from hungry creatures that tries to steal it. At the start of the game, you must erect your cave, collect pebbles, and send your warriors on the move. Like Tower Defense Games on Android? Check out Best Tower Defense Games for Android FREE The first level “Into the forest” serves as the orientation. It will get you acquainted on how the game works and will give ideas to prepare you for your next battle as you progress to the next level and face more natural enemies.

Position your cavemen near the entrance of the path where enemies will pass and place your archers near the trees where animals tend to slow down. In that way, you have the full advantage of bringing down all your enemies and eventually save your territory and your food. Sum it all up, you will advance to the next level.

Save The Cave - free android tower defense game

Use power-ups and upgrade your cavemen to stop the nasty, little vermin and wild animals that comes your way. Each of your cavemen has various strengths and weakness, the same through with your enemies. You can upgrade cavemen powers typically for more pebbles or flower items collected, buy weapons, acquire rock slides, tangle, fireball, epic meteor and the list goes on. Additionally, you can upgrade your cave as you advance on with the game. One example of a really good cave to have is the Slingshot cave. It comes with cavemen who are effective against flying creatures.

Tested on: Motorola Nexus 6

Content Rating: Everyone 10+

+ Pros

  • Option to choose from a variety of cavemen with strengths and weaknesses.
  • Lots of power-ups and upgrades.
  • Comical sound effects.
  • Nice pre-historic theme
  • Each level comes with different cavemen, weapons to unlock, and unique setting.
  • Can be played on offline mode

– Cons

  • Very tiny graphics. The game stage does not take up the full screen.
  • The cavemen can not be placed anywhere other than its pre-determined position.


Cavemen graphics could be made bigger which will make the game stage more interesting. This game doesn’t give the player enough “authority” to command the cavemen. Everything is pre-determined. You can’t move your cavemen anywhere along the path and execute an action against the opponents other than where it is pre-programmed.

What we should see on the next Save The Cave update

  • The game should give the player more ability to strategically control the main character.
  • Bigger graphics
  • More game levels, weapons and challenges.

Should you download Save The Cave?

Save The Cave by Kooapps is an android tower-defense game with good challenge that you will definitely enjoy. Despite the squished screen and small graphics, it is still worth to download. So download Save The Cave today!