Free Android Games Download (Weekly Round-Up)


Welcome back to our Weekly Round-Up of Android Games in searching of Best Free Android Games Download form Last week.

Free Android Games Download of the week

In this week’s most top free android games list we’ve chosen some great Android games worth downloading and playing on your device. Checkout and download theses good android games for free.

Call of Mini™ Infinity

Download Call of Mini (Free)

Call of Mini Infinity for Android is the sequel of the shooter series Call of Mini with support for multiplayer. Embark on a deep space to conquer a new planet for humanity. Prepare your hero and join the fierce battle with real players. It is required to have an Android device with constant internet connection to play the Multiplayer Mode. Call of Mini Infinity has two game modes: one against one and Team Deathmatch, and upgrade system with game coins.

Galactic Phantasy Prelude

Download Galactic Phantasy (Free)

Galactic Phantasy Prelude is an action RPG game where you have to build your own fleet in outer space with 46 type different spacecrafts, ranging from frigates to battle cruisers. During the game, you can change nature or upgrade your weapons. The game has plenty of action battles with ships, but suffers a bit in the interface a little confusing. However, the game will fascinate those players looking for a game with a modern and space environment.

SeaCraft! FREE

Download SeaCraft! FREE

Seacraft free for Android is a massive multiplayer online game of pirates, buccaneers, corsairs and traders. The game offers you to choose your allegiances and fight with your friends to gain control over 10 empires from around the world. Attack and plunder ships and other players to loot gold, cargo and earn fame.

Banana Kong

Download Banana Kong (Free)

If you met Donkey Kong, then you will surely enjoy Banana Kong. Another endless runner game for Android and you need to collect as many bananas as possible to refill your energy bar and thus able to destroy obstacles and alternate routes to advance phase. The game has simple commands, but a lot of interaction through the variety of phases. At any time the player can get into a water phase or step down in an underground.

Zombie Killer Squad

Zombie Killer Squad android game

Download Zombie Killer Squad (Free)

In Zombie Killer Squad Android game, you will have to control a group of nerds whose mission is to blast the zombies that come your way. The game has similar gameplay to the Subway Surfers, but in place of the trains you’ll see zombies hungry for fresh meat. You can dodge the zombies or blow up the bad guys, using the weapons that boys carry.

Heroes of Dragon Age

Download Heroes of Dragon Age (Free)

The Heroes of Dragon Age is a new initiative of the famous RPG series to Android and iOS, in which you can mount your group with famous warriors from the series as well as monsters that can also help. For thus the user enemies and even challenge other players in the online mode. It’s a great strategy title, but do not forget to leave the internet running, because the game needs a constant connection.

Monster Truck Destruction

Download Monster Truck (Free)

Drive and destroy your way to glory. In Monster Truck Destruction, you will find a traditional racing game with Big Foot trucks and your goal is to reach the finish line before your opponents. As you earn money, you can purchase upgrades for the vehicle in “Garage”. Choose you monster truck from 30 different trucks, get behind the wheel and put it to its limits to destroy everything in sight.

Disney Hidden Worlds

Disney Hidden Worlds android game
Download Disney Hidden Worlds (Free)

In Disney Hidden Worlds you goal is to find Hidden Objects in scenes from Disney movies! Journey to a world of imagination and recreate the story worlds of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Tangled and more classic Disney films. Meet Chrona and the Inklings, brand new Disney characters who will help you keep your Disney Kingdoms safe from a mysterious new villain and let you see your favorite Disney films in a whole new way!
Already started to download these games? Which one you think deserve to be the best android game of this week? Also let us know which titles you are playing currently.