Best FREE Android Apps from Last Week. Download them now!


Top Free Android apps of the week featuring BBM, Anti-Malware, ROM Installer, Aviate Launcher and More..

Here  are the Android Apps from last week which got our attention and we feel to share them with you. Download them and let us know your recent app discovery in the comment section. Thanks!


BBM for Android
BlackBerry Messenger, the most popular messaging app from the Canadian company, has just arrived officially in the Store for Android. BBM for Android comes as a strong competitor for WhatsApp, LINE and other messaging apps already available on Android. To use the app, first you must download the application from Once the application is downloaded, enter your email address to create a new BBM id or login with your existing creational to start messaging. Download BBM

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Keep safe your Android device with the app Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. It is no novelty that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is an excellent software for desktop antimalwares. And now the security app is available for Android and it’s free. The application has 3 options: Scan Now, App Manager and Privacy Manager. Scan Now will scan files and applications and the list of those who are potentially malicious in nature. App Manager to view all processes currently running on your phone and the resources they are consuming, you can remove these files, while Privacy Manager allows you to see the permissions you have granted to each installed application. Download Malwarebytes

Aviate Beta (Invite Only)

Aviate is a launcher app for Android which recently got lot oaf attraction offers a smart home screen that will simplify your smartphone. This is just a beta version of the app with invite only, so you need to get an invitation to use the Android launcher app. You can ask other users who already have an invitation, because users can send up to five invitations. You can also download the app from Google Play and wait patiently for them to send you a code to activate it. Download Aviate launcher

ROM Installer

ROM Installer for android
ROM Installer, which is presented as a very complete ROM manager, is the easiest way to download and install your favorite custom OS for Android. ROM Installer offers a simple and elegant interface which works as a virtual catalog of many of the most popular modified ROMs today. The app offers a list of all the most popular ROMs on your screen and many extras, mods and kernels for each of them. A very comprehensive customer for Android be worth trying in case of those who like to customize their device. Download ROM Installer

Mercury Browser

Mercury Browser
Mercury Browser for Android boasts on its simplicity and speed, two very important factors in the application segment for internet browsing. Mercury Browser provides many features that will surly boasts your browsing experience, allows you to open multiple tabs, browsing in private mode, change the text size, screen brightness, export and import bookmarks, change the User-Agent, open links with its own reader, WiFi Transfer to access your downloads from any computer or device or activate your ad blocker. Mercury Android Browser supports 12 search engines. Download Mercury Browser

Google Places for Business

Google Places for Business android app
Google Places for Business app for Android is appeared in Store in view to help, specially, the small business owners with which you can keep your business listing fresh and up-to-date across Google. With the app business owners can manage their information and increase their visibility in the company’s services, including Google Search, Maps, Mobile and Google+. Also you can verify that you are the owner of a business directly from your phone, update information as your schedule trade, address, photograph or description, and monitor traffic received on services. Download Google Places

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout for Android is a personal trainer app with which you’ll have your personal advisor to help you get the “Six Pack” or define your abs with exercises, routines and tips to achieve your ultimate goal. The app offers video tutorials and promises to help you get those squares in the abdomen with a 10-week plan and different types of workouts. Get the body you’ve always wanted by using this Android trainer app! Download Runtastic Six Pack

Square Cash

Square Cash android app
Square Cash is an application that allows to send money very easily. Now with just an email you can send any amount of money to your family, friends and acquaintances. All you have to do is send a letter to the person you want to transfer money, and in the CC (Carbon Copy) in the subject header to specify the address In the subject line indicates only the desired amount of translation, something like $35. Download Square Cash

That was the highlights from the play store this week. We suggest you to share your favorite apps from last in the comment section so other reader will be able to discover the best android apps of the week. Cheers!