Free Android Apps Download (Weekly Round-Up)


Welcome back to our Weekly Round-Up of Android Apps in searching of Best Free Android Apps Download form Last week.


In this week’s most top free android Apps Download list we’ve chosen some great app titles such as Office Lens, MarcoPolo Weather, Periscope, HTC Mail and a few more Android apps worth download and install on your device.

Check out and grab theses good android apps for free.

Hexy Launcher

Hexy Launcher - free android apps download

8.0Hexy Launcher is a new launcher application based on hexagons. The idea is that the icons are arranged in a matrix of hexagons and in the center of the screen is hosting the application you use most. It also provides a search bar at the top to go directly to the app you want. It also includes Widgets, but now it seems that is experimental and not everything works exactly as it should.

Download Hexy Launcher Here (Free)

Office Lens

8.7Microsoft Office Lens offers a powerful pocket scanner that lets you convert images and documents to PDF. With this scanner app, you can scan any paper document and notes taken on a blackboard by simply taking a picture with the camera of your Android device.

Download Office Lens Here (Free)

MarcoPolo Weather

8.2MarcoPolo Weather is an application designed to learn a lot about the weather. This app is especially useful for children because they can learn about the weather in a fun way. This is a digital sandbox where the little ones can explore all available tools and learn from them. You can choose the wind speed, the temperature of the environment, even if is raining or if the sky is completely cloudless.

Download MarcoPolo Weather Here (Free)

HTC Mail

8.5With HTC Mail, the email application of HTC, You can handle multiple accounts, organize messages in folders, reformat the text, and look in your inbox. Of course, Mail has an advantage over Gmail: it integrates well with other applications. Besides Google, HTC Mail works with Outlook, Yahoo, and Exchange.

Download HTC Mail Here (Free)

Opera Max – Data manager

8.1Opera Max is a data saving and data management app that allows you to save up to 50% of mobile data. This app provides data savings by compressing, through your virtual private network (VPN), videos, pictures and files applications and web pages you visit. You can also compress the data in Wi-Fi networks and have more control over your applications.

Download Opera Max – Data manager Here (Free)


7.5Periscope for Android allows you to stream live video to everyone or to specific people in a simple way through your phones and tablets. Everything you record with your device can watch while it is happening. While recording, your friends can post comments and send messages with hearts that help raise the video in the charts, if you do it public.

Download Periscope Here (Free)

Tough Enough

7.8WWE Tough Enough is the official application of the revolutionary TV show of WWE. From the application, users can take a look at the videos of all participants in the TV, read the latest news, or access the store of WWE. Also, the viewers themselves can decide how the show develops. Users can vote and decide what participants should pack up and leave, and what participants should stay to continue competing.

Download Tough Enough Here (Free)

Google Spotlight Stories

7.3Google Spotlight Stories immerses you in short videos created by award-winning directors along with engineers from Google to offer you design stories specifically for mobile devices using the latest advances in mobile technology.

Download Google Spotlight Stories Here (Free)

That’s all for this week’s highest rated android apps. So, which app from this weekly android apps round ups “Free Android Apps Download” list you will use most? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Pawel

    “Now, the Fonelink app let you send or receive text messages (SMS) from your computer or tablet for free!”
    Not true. Using the app is free, but sending SMS costs absolutely the same as a SMS sent from the phone.