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Folder Organizer Android app comes very handy when you have a lot apps installed.

With the passage of time, and after installing many apps and games in our Android device, we have the disadvantage that our desktop is completely covered with widgets and shortcuts to applications. Now you want to organize and categorize your desk. For this there is an application in the market and that is Folder Organizer, which will help you get more organized your desk and have all your applications accessible.

Organize and categorize your applications easily. Folder Organizer for Android works by managing labels that can be assigned to applications and will have a name and an icon that identifies them. You can create all the labels you want, or modify existing ones, and then set all the labels on the applications that fit. Though recent version of android allows to create folders with ease, still Folder Organizer for android is the best option for those who have hundreds of apps on their android device.

Folder organizer Android App

One of the interesting thing I like about Folder Organizer is that it allows folders within folders. For Example you can name a folder multimedia and inside you can have two different music and video folder, even more folder inside them.

Another interesting feature is that Folder Organizer allows to backup your folder setting data so you don’t have to organize apps again while switching between different launcher app.

Folder Organizer v2.6 smaller file size and improved performance. With FolderOrganizer for Android group items according to labels and create fully customizable folders and widgets on your Smart phone.

You can organize:
– apps
– bookmarks
– contacts
– generic shortcuts
Other feature:
– change folder icon (icon pack support)
– change icon and rename apps
– put items in Android notification toolbar
FolderOrganizer was developed for Android by Fabio Collini
Package name : com.abcOrganizer.apk
File size: 952KB

Watch below the demo video to see how to use FolderOrganizer for Android:

Download FolderOrganizer apk
FolderOrganizer apk

You can also Download Folder Organizer Android App from Google play store from the widget below.


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    Esta aplicación esta muy buena.. 😀

    te permite crear Widgets de todo tamaño para el escritorio con todas tus aplicaciones, contactos, paginas de internet organizadas de forma personalizada y fácilmente.. 😛

    ademas puedes cambiarle el nombre y los iconos a las cosas.. 😛