FlipClock BlackOut Widget Android Download 4×2

FlipClock BlackOut Widget is a Digital Clock widget with size 4×2 for your Android Homescreen which  features a collection of 130 skins.
- 12/24 hr+Color on all info displayed
- System Stats Info + pop-up
- Weather & Forecast
+bottom right->preferences
+weather icon->forecast
+Hour->launch anything!(more coming)

Screenshot of FlipClock BlackOut Widget Android     Download FlipClock BlackOut Widget Android

Important: Exclude it from TASKILLERS!!! Remove and add again+
Recent changes:
+System Information panel
+Weather and Forecast(International)
+2 Weather layouts
+Skins support, over 130 skins
+Skins batch and Selective downloader
(Note:cannot launch/open widgets.
“Time frozen/not updating”-> taskiller killed the clock(exclude).Phone starts, clock starts in less than a min.

FlipClock BlackOut Widget 4×2 was developed for Android by Factory Widgets
Package name : factory.widgets.FlipClockBlackOut
File size: 562KB

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FlipClock BlackOut Android apk

FlipClock BlackOut is a Free Android Game. Download FlipClock BlackOut from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.