Flicka: Flickr app for Android Download Apk

Flicka, with user-friendly interface, is a complete and probably the best Flickr app for Android devices.

Flicka brings the power to manage your Flickr account from your Android device. The app features notifications, favorites, search, contacts, groups, and uploads.

Flicka- Flickr app

Flicka is the most powerful Flickr app for Android Mobile Phone. Notifications inform you of Flickr contact uploads, directly in your notifications bar. Quickly browse, add, and remove your Flickr favorites. The app comes with good design and UI, with which you can Search Flickr, browse any Flickr group/contact, and upload photos directly from your phone to Flickr. You can also make any Flickr photo your phones wallpaper.

There are many apps in the market to manage your Flickr account from your Android phone, but very few are as customizable as Flicka. It is very simple to use. People with Android device, who uses Flickr, will surly love this app. Flickr is an online community for sharing photographs of amateur and professional level, known for good photographic feel their users, as well as one of the most intelligent interfaces of the Internet. If you have a Flickr account and want access with your Android device, then you can try this app. The application allows you to browse quickly, add and remove your Flickr favorites. You can easily manage your Flickr account with this app.

Flicka was developed for Android by MokaSocial
Package name : com.mokasocial.flicka
File size: 337KB

Download Flicka for Android v1.1
Flicka for Android is a paid App. To Download the App Simply use Barcode Reader on your Android Mobile Phone Camera, read QR image above to Download from Android Market. If you don’t have Download Android Barcode reader Now.
You can also download the app by clicking the below link:
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