Flick Kick Rugby Android Download v1.0

The #1 Rugby Conversion Kicking App! is now available for Android. Will you score the game winning kick? An instant classic for real rugby fans!

Flick Kick Rugby Android        Flick Kick Rugby Android

Flick Kick Rugby brings intuitive, quick to play, on the go fun.
-Control your kicks with the flick of your finger.
-Account for 360 degree wind!
-Multiple Game Modes
-Feint Leaderboards and Achievements

Watch below the Video Demo of Flick Kick Rugby Android Game:

Download Flick Kick Rugby Android v1.0
Flick Kick Rugby for Android is a paid App. To Download the App Simply use Barcode Reader on your Android Mobile Phone Camera, read QR image above to Download from Android Market. If you don’t have Download Android Barcode reader Now.