Fix lag on Android with Seeder App (Download)


Get rid of lag  on Android with this magical app called Seeder. Download and Install!

Among the user’s complains about Android, especially when it comes to versions before 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, we often find talks about the fact that sometimes the OS is not as smooth as it should be. This lagging problem affects the fluidity and experience with the OS causing reason for concern.

Seeder_Test Fix lag on Android

Lag on Android isn’t directly caused by underpowered hardware. We’ve seen lag happen on some high-end devices, such as the Galaxy S III or HTC One X. This is due to poor optimization of the custom skins the manufacturers slap on top of Android and because of the OS itself not managing resources properly. How can we fix lag on Android? One developer proposes a solution which users claims it works. One downside is that your device needs to be rooted before you can give the app a shot.

Seeder is one highly appreciated solution for lag reduction on Android. It promises to optimize the way the OS consumes large amounts of random data from a limited source, to generate session keys and unique identifiers, in SSL and wifi, while starting processes, and frequently during inter-process communication. Seeder works by assisting the kernel in “topping off” the entropy pool by re-seeding it with data from the non-blocking (high performance) random device. You don’t even have to reboot your device for it to work. Just start the app and tick the option to have it automatically start on every boot. Welcome to a lag free experience on Android.

SeederPROS of Seeder for Android:

+ Significantly reduces lag

+ Simple and easy to use UI

+ Option to auto-start on boot

CONS of Seeder Android App:

– Only for rooted devices

Download Seeder apk

If you got a rooted device, download seeder app and let us know how well it Fix lag on Android. For more info head over to xda