Five Best Free Android Pregnancy Apps


Checkout these Best Android Pregnancy Apps available for Free and install them on your Android Device.

Becoming a mother is the best part of a woman’s life. Every woman waits for this blessed moment of her life. But before that beautiful moment; she has to pass a period full of stress, vigilant and tension. During that time a woman needs the best possible care from her family and especially from her own. In this era of technology, a woman can easily take care of herself both physically and mentally by getting an android apps related to pregnancy in her Smartphone. There are some android apps which are specially made for the pregnant woman. Those apps consists advice and suggestions about the pregnancy period of a woman. Now we are going to discuss about five best android apps related to pregnancy.

Pregnancy by Bounty

Pregnancy by Bounty android app

This app is developed by Bounty (UK) Ltd. It’s a very useful app for the pregnant women. This app has many features that can help a woman in various aspects during their pregnancy period. It has a calculator by that a woman can calculate her personal development in terms of physical condition. It updates the progress of her physic on the weekly basis. Moreover there are so many pregnancy related journals in this app to help and aware a woman during that crucial period of her life. This app also provides many photos related to pregnancy and baby’s development. We can assure that a future mother will be benefited for this app.

My Pregnancy Today

BabyBump Pregnancy Free android app

My Pregnancy Today is an app for the pregnant women developed by Baby Center. It is a highly rated app with a rating of 4.7 out of 5. One has to just make an input about her due date of delivery and the app will make the routine, check list and charts about what she must do in between the date. The app will update about the current situation of the baby. The app also provides images of different stages of a baby’s life cycle in her mother’s womb. It helps a mother by giving up a nutrition chart so that a mother can manage her daily meal. So we can say that this is the best app for a first time mom.

BabyBump Pregnancy Free

BabyBump Pregnancy Free app for android

This app is designed by Alt12 Apps, Inc. This app is very helpful for the soon to be mothers. It helps the future mothers by providing information related to pregnancy. This app has also some unique features. It tracks the records of the mother’s physic and also the condition of the baby. It has a virtual forum by which future mothers can meet each other and can share their experience. This app has an online shop of all kind of pregnancy and new born baby products. The app also has an editorial and strong review section for the products of that shop, so that a mother can choose the best product for herself and for her baby. It has a time counter by which a mother can countdown her due date.

I’m Pregnant / Pregnancy App

I'm Pregnant / Pregnancy App for android

Pregnancy is a blessing for a woman. Every woman feels proud if she can say, “I am pregnant”. The developer (KOLSOFT) dubbed the app as “I am Pregnant”. The developer snitches the attention of a pregnant by the naming of their app. This app is very helpful and easy to operate. It can keeps record of a woman’s meal. It has a kick counter by which a mother can record the baby’s kick in the womb. It can record of the mother’s mood, energy, appetite on a daily basis. It has a huge collection of names so that parents can choose a beautiful name for their baby. Among the other features; it has hospital packing list, pregnancy exercise and many books. So we can say that this app will be helpful for a future mother.

Baby ESP Trial

Basically this app is not for the pregnant women rather it is for the newly born babies. It is a kind of tracker that tracks the activity of the babies. It tracks the eating, sleeping, pooping etc of a baby during their development stages. It also treks the record of the baby’s diaper, bottles etc. It helps a mother to store the information about her baby’s nap, sleeping times, diaper change ratios, breast feeding times, medicine timing. The free version is a 7days trial version. The main version is a five star rating app.

All the above apps are the best among the other pregnancy related apps out there. And the apps are absolutely free. Download these apps from Google Play Store and recommend them to others by sharing this page. Best of Luck!