Fipplr Android Home Replacement app shows quick information’s on Homescreen with Windows Phone 7 look

Fipplr Android Home Replacement app

Remember the SPB Mobile Shell Android 5.0 Home Replacement app which is still in beta and a few people got access to beta app. Another Andorid Homescreen app is SlideScreen to get quick info. There are many other Home Replacement app and Launcher app but let me introduce a new Homescreen for your Andorid Smartphone and Tablet named Fipplr. Here is how IKIVO and Ocean Observations (the developers) described Fipplr:

Fipplr, is a progressive Android Homescreen application that improves content and social service experiences with help of purposeful feeds and an unconventional take on graphical design and interaction.
Fipplr empowers you to customize your phones to get at home access to the information you crave!
Smooth animations and precise interactions lift Fipplr beyond the tedious opening and closing of applications to access information. We built Fipplr on IKIVO Enrich UI solution to ensure we met the flexibility and performance required to realize a delicate experience while integrating with device sensors.

Fipplr actually allow you to add multiple apps, including Flickr, Twitter, and Google Latitude widgets on Homescreen which shows the quick information’s and in a quick swipe to the right will expand the full view of touching widgets and if in a swipe to left side you will be access to the Launcher screen. The look of the homescreen similar to the Windows Phone 7 which looks great. Let’s watch below the demonstration of Fipplr Android Home Replacement app. There is no word on availability yet but the Homscreen Demoed at MWC. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself updated on Fipplr.