FatBooth Android download app. Famous FatBooth app now on your Andorid Smartphone

FatBooth is a fun application for your Android powered devices that lets you add a few kilos more at your photos. Using FatBooth app is just fun! If you are tired of diets then get fat instantly with FatBooth app for Android. What would you look like with a “few” extra pounds? Or, have you ever thought how you would be if you weigh 30 kilos more? FatBooth for Android gives you the chance to know. Find out with FatBooth for Android, a fun way for you to make a fun photo of your face or your colleagues and friends on your Android device and you can also share them directly by email or on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
Download FatBooth Andorid app If you want to know how would your face (or that of a friend or foe) after massive fat intake, try it with FatBooth. This fun application will make any of your photographs appear with a visible overweight, which will make the images you create an object of joke to all your friends. Just get a picture of the face and give it a change. FatBooth magically turns your face about how many kilos of adding more. You can add yourself over cheeks, chin more front or more, to make more realistic deformation. When you do, work for a few seconds to provide the final image, which in all cases will be surprising and very funny. Once processed, you just have to shake the phone to see before and after pictures.

FatBooth Andorid applications Download FatBooth Andorid app

Features of FatBooth Andorid app:
• Works with photos taken with your Android device camera or from your photo gallery
• Auto-cropping using face detection
• Transformation
process is instant with no Internet connection needed
• Shake device to see before and after views
• Scroll results into the app gallery
• Save results to your photo gallery
• Share with your friends via email, FaceBook  or Twitter

More information for FatBooth can be found on www.piviandco.com

Download FatBooth Android App v1.00:
FatBooth Android apk

FatBooth is a Free Android App. Download FatBooth from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.

OR, simply follow the link below to download the latest version of the app FatBooth for Android from Play Store