Facebook’s Slingshot multimedia messaging app offers Snapchat like self-destruct feature


Meet the new Slingshot messaging app – Facebook’s answer to popular android app Snapchat.

Slingshot photo sharing app

This week Facebook released an application Slingshot – a bet to compete against the famous messaging application Snapchat. With the new app you can share photos, video, graphics and text. Interestingly, the app requires a response from the receiver before he can view the content.

Slingshot is a new multimedia messaging platform from Facebook for sharing photos and videos, and demands an answer before you can view the contents of the message. You can just select an image and easily send to your friends who have to unlock it by sliding the screen which allow them to quickly answer with a message or another image. In addition, you can draw on the photos to do to insert a text, say hello or just draw a mustache or other funny things. The received content can be saved to watch later but as soon as the viewer swipe them, the message will be self destructed.


According to Will Ruben, Project Manager of Slingshot, is an application in which “everyone is creative and not spectators”.
Half a year ago Facebook failed to buy Snapchat, a service that allows us to communicate based on images that are automatically deleted after a while. In response, Facebook launched its new application Slingshot in the U.S., the perfect match for Snapchat. But Slingshot is not as same as Snapchat, it is something more than that. Not only it has the peculiarity of the images and photos of Snapchat, but also poses a reciprocity, because the sent images and videos are blocked and do not reveal themselves until the recipient send any response, either a text message or a picture or a video, first sender must also reply something to see the answer, a real interaction cycle.

The key functions of Slinghshot includes:

  1. Stay in touch: taking pictures and videos you want to share with your friends
  2. Image by image: to unlock new images, you first need to send something back
  3. Enjoy while it lasts: Once you slide to see, you will never be viewed
  4. Send a quick answer: after unlock an image, responds with a reaction
  5. Get creative / a: express yourself with “captions” and drawings

Download Slingshot App Here

How to use Slingshot App for Android:

Running Slingshot is really simple and definitely follows in the footsteps of Snapchat down pat. When you first start the app from your Android device Slingshot will send you a code via SMS and prompts you to specify the name and nickname, by which you will be able to find friends. Once the Sensible protection of personal data provided in the application, anyone can register under any name or impersonate another. After creating a user account with information from Facebook,  you can take a simple photograph or make a long press on the screen to record video up to fifteen seconds. After this you can add drawings and colorful strokes with your finger to highlight any question of image or video, or write a message.

Finally, you will have to select the recipients from the list of contacts who will receive that content. Recivers can not see exactly what you sent, if not send anything back. Content disappears immediately after viewing, although the settings allows to save it to watch later.  But after viewing, as soon as the message is swiped away, it is deleted.

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  • Sharon Saji

    Thanks for sharing this excellent write up. There’s one more app that has been launched recently that claims to provide this same self destruct feature and fire messaging thereby providing privacy to its users. It also provides premium features of emoticons and stickers for FREE that chat apps like Wechat sell for some price. I don’t know. Haven’t tried it yet! It’s available on Play Store. It also has the features of fire messaging and self destruct pics! Has anyone tried it yet?