Download Wifi Unlocker Android App, Find key for WiFi modems!


Download Wifi Unlocker Android App   Download Wifi Unlocker Android App

Wifi Unlocker Android App allows to find out default keys/password for WiFi routers so you can connect to other’s wifi network easily. This is basically a keygen app which generate keys for wifi modems. The app is meant to be use for learning purpose, so use it wisely. Breaking into someone’s network is not a very good idea. The application works for the modems listed below:

  • Thomson based routers ( this includes Thomson, SpeedTouch, Orange, Infinitum, BBox, DMax, BigPond, O2Wireless, Otenet, Cyta , TN_private, Blink )
  • DLink ( only some models )
  • Pirelli Discus
  • Eircom
  • Verizon FiOS ( only some routers supported)
  • Alice AGPF
  • FASTWEB Pirelli and Telsey
  • Huawei (some Infinitum)
  • Wlan_XXXX or Jazztel_XXXX
  • Wlan_XX ( only some are supported)
  • Ono ( P1XXXXXX0000X )
  • WlanXXXXXX, YacomXXXXXX and WifiXXXXXX
  • Sky V1 routers
  • v1 and v2
  • InfostradaWifi

This App its open source, and based in android-thomson proyect with some ehancements. all the work deserves to that team.

  • nafid

    hi how can i download it plz tell me

  • gordon

    hey tried to download this any chance you could e mail me the app CHEERS bigg

  • balasubramani

    it s very fast easily download in some applications and etc.

  • cristisn

    no ma si sirve y lo quitan no ma! que estafa!!

  • joe

    i work in a mall and i saw alot of wifi connections ..
    i ask if with wifi unlocker i can unlock any password and connecting with my mobile ?
    i am using samsung galaxy y pro duos
    and how can i download the app. ??

  • Roy Guzman

    hey i wanna know if you guys can put this app back on the android market.
    Because i used to have it 2weeks ago but then i factory restored my phone and now i cant find it

    • Jack Ass

      Yeah I’ve had this on my phone for about a year and it broke a week ago and I got a new one. I was looking for it for an hour now and just figured out they took it down. What a shame, they probably got sued or something lol