Download WiFi Mouse Android App – Use your Phone as Mouse & Keyboard


WiFi Mouse is an app for your Android powered device that converts your smartphone into a trackpad multi-touch, with which you can control your PC or Mac from your Android.

WiFi Android Mouse app

Using your mobile device as a mouse or keyboard to your computer can be very handy at times. With WiFi Mouse Android app you can control the computer from the comfort of your bed without having to carry the keyboard and mouse. Manage your computer’s cursor through smartphone or Android tablet as well as serve as a wireless keyboard and trackpad. This might be very useful for you if you lack wireless mouse and keyboard on your laptop or desktop computer.

First of all you need to install the Mouse WiFi app on your Android device and once you run it, you will be instructed to synchronize your smartphone with your computer, with a link to the Web to install another app directly on your computer and a few Simple Steps for synchronization. After complete the settings, if both your phone and your PC are connected to the same wireless network, press the Auto connect for the connection is made automatically or enter the IP of your computer and hit Connect. Now you will see the screen of your phone has been transformed into a trackpad, with left and right buttons and the keyboard icon to display and to write.

Key features:

  • Simulate the movement of the mouse cursor
  • Simulate a left click / right click
  • Keyboard input with remote support
  • Multi-language support
  • Writing on the screen with the cursor support
  • Scrolling support
  • Works with Mac/ Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • Tap to expand two fingers to zoom in / out
  • 3 finger drag and drop
  • Drag four fingers down to show the desktop

WiFi Mouse for Android has two versions, one Free and a Pro.  With the Lite version will only have access to basic functions such as moving the pointer, left and right click (both buttons as pressing directly, as in any trackpad) to scroll horizontally and vertically with two fingers and said keyboard. For more complete options you can use the Pro version.

The latest version of WiFi Android Mouse free can be download from Google Play Store using the button below.