Download Weatherwise Android App, Mobile weather with style and creativity


Most of us put an weather widget on home screen, what about a cool way to see how the weather change. Weatherwise Android App is a beautiful app to get notified for weather forecast. Developed by Local Wisdom, Weatherwise is fun to see animated personas and moving landscapes replace cliché clip art and overused icons touting weather with personality.

Download Weatherwise Android App

The app allows to apply different themes. By default it comes with the Zen Tree theme, featuring a tranquil Bonsai tree that reacts to changes in weather in Day and night, Sunrise and sunset, Snow, ice, rain, and Wind speed.

Download Weatherwise Android App

Additional themes are available for $0.99 with in app purchase and include:

  1. The Lost Robot – No longer in use and left to rust, the Lost Robot sits and waits for his master. Depending upon the time of day and weather condition, he illuminates the forest floor with vibrant colors and billows smoke from his back.
  2. The Wobbles – These fun loving creatures enjoy the art of staring. Tilt your phone away from you and watch as the Wobbles keep looking directly at YOU. Watch as 10 different Wobbles unearth themselves during certain times of day and weather conditions.
  3. Personas – Watch as the emo girl sheds tears when it’s raining. The hip hop star, clad with “ice,” will pop up during icy conditions. The Personas theme gives you 10 unique characters as the time of day and weather changes.

Download for Weatherwise from the review widget below.