Download Vlingo Labs (Beta) Android App, In other words “Samsung S Voice Android”

Download Vlingo Labs (Beta) Android App

If you got the chance to install Samsung S Voice Apk and enjoyed some time with it before sammy blocked the server access, you know how this virtual assistant work. If you didn’t know, Samsung S Voice app based on technology developed by Vlingo. We are not sure if the leaked S Vocie app will work again. But not to worry as an Android app from Vlingo published on Google Play Store. Vlingo Labs (Beta) Android is almost identical to S Voice interns of functionality. Read the description from Android Market:

Check out the latest design and functionality from Vlingo

Welcome! Vlingo Labs is sort of our version of a product “test kitchen” where we try out new ideas before we put them on the menu for everyone to enjoy. We’re looking for Beta testers who have Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to provide feedback on new design and functionality.

For this version we have added an awesome (we think so at least) new design, and a more conversational, natural way to interact with your Assistant. You might also notice that we have virtually eliminated the need to ever touch your phone in order to complete a task. That’s a level of freedom that other assistants simply don’t provide.

Although we have some amazing additions, you will notice that this app is a little rougher around the edges and has a more limited feature set than our full Virtual Assistant. That’s done intentionally, as we’re really looking to get initial impressions from our early adopters. You can provide direct feedback from within the app, or you can offer thoughts via reviews. We will be listening, and plan to have frequent releases to quickly improve your experience. So please use the app as you normally would, have fun exploring, and let us know what you think.

This version supports:
* Text messaging
* Voice dialing
* Web search
* Wake Up Word (say “Hi Vlingo” to activate)
* English language only
* US and Canada only (for now)