Download Ultimate Call Screen HD Android App, Full screen caller ID for your Phone


Download Ultimate Call Screen HD Android App

If you have been looking for a good caller ID app for your Android Smartphone then here we present you the best. Developed by xda member low veld, Ultimate Call Screen HD Android App allows you to customize each contact’s call screen with different High Definition picture for each contact. That picture will then be displayed in full screen when he or she calls. Not only it does allow to put Full screen caller ID but also work as a call blocker to set up block lists to block contacts.

Ultimate Call Screen HD Android App is available to download in both free and premium version. Have a look at the list below for key features of both version.

Feature List (Free version):
Full Screen Caller ID
– No contact limit. No 5, nor 10, nor 100. You can personalize each and every contact call screen.
– Press “Back” when UCS is handling a call to jump back to your regular phone interface.
– Contact manager, for easily managing call screens for individual contacts. You can choose pictures from gallery or take from camera.
– A builtin image cropper with multi-touch zooming.
– Per-contact block status.
– Contact manager with fast scrolling, and auto-adjusted index based on actual contact list.
– Preview each contact callscreen on the fly from the Contact Manager.
– Define a global default HD picture for those contacts you don’t feel like personalizing (and for unknown numbers)

Call Blocker
– You can block contacts individually. The Contact Manager will show in red letters which contacts are blocked for easy managing.
– Global Activate / deactivate call blocking, overriding individual contact block status. Useful in situations were you want to block people during certain hours (like at work), but don’t want to individually unblock all of them later.

Sensor based actions
– You can activate/deactivate sensor actions
– You can set the “Turn to reject” feature. Simply turn the phone screen-down to reject an incoming call.

With the Pro License you are also able to:
– Use the theme manager and install UCS themes, to further personalize your caller screen.
– Setup UCS to use your current android contact picture as fullscreen caller ID. This not only allows you to not having to define a picture for every contact (or stick to a default HD picture common to all non-personalized contacts), but also allows you to change UCS contact pictures with 3rd party software (like syncing with facebook).
– Activate the “Turn to mute ring” feature (if your hardware suports it). On an incoming call, simply turn the phone screen-down to mute the ringer.
– Activate the “Turn for lowdspeaker” feature (if your hardware suports it). On a call, simply turn the phone screen-down to put the call on speaker.
– Activate the “Block all incoming calls” feature: every single call will be blocked. Very useful if you don’t want to be disturbed, but want to keep the phone turned on so YOU can make calls.
– Activate the “Whitelist mode”. This allows you to invert the blocking selection, and all contacts NOT marked for blocking will be blocked. Very useful for defining a set of contacts able to call you no matter what, and block everyone else.
– Activate the “Block Unknown Callers” feature. If you’re sure everyone that matters is on your phonebook, why be bothered by anyone else?

Download Ultimate Call Screen HD FREE Android App from the link below: