Download Top Free Android Games From the Last Week

Browse through our Top Free Android Games list featuring some of the best titles from last week on play Store.

Top Free Android Games From the Last Week

Google Play store now has over 700,000 apps on play store which is almost same as the iOS app store and the number expected to grow even more quicker this year. Let’s take a look at some of the best Android Games we have found for you among the apps released on the Play Store last week.

Prehistoric Park

This title will bring you back to the days when you used to play Tycoon games on our PC. Build your own Prehistoric Park and manage it the way you know best. Plenty of complications you will have to face along the way and you’ll have to manage your resources the way you know best. The graphics are very detailed and the general atmosphere is great.
From Developer: Prehistoric Park is a free theme park building simulator that will show you a whole new angle of the prehistoric life. Take up the call of the primeval past and enter the world of crazy prehistoric rides, attractions and roller coasters! Turn a boring caveman’s life into a wonderful never-ending holiday! Build an incredible theme park and become an amusement tycoon of the Stone Age!

Dungeon Quest

Some developers are trying to port titles like Diablo on Android. While they might succeed, until they do you have to give this game a try to see if you like what you get. It is your typical dungeon crawler action wits some inspired elements from the highest rated RPG titles.
From Developer: Embark on a journey to find the best loot and become the most powerful Wizard in this free-to-play Action RPG featuring random loot, random dungeons, and 4 acts each with their own legendary Boss guarding its end. This is our Beta release and our first available class, the Wizard, will have spells from many mystical weapon types with infinite customization to help destroy the elemental evils plaguing the land. There are always new ways to vanquish your foes.

Call of Mini: Brawlers

Awesome zombie killing game packed with the most advanced 3D graphics and loads of weapons. The title belongs to the Call of Mini series and is the second to embark you on a journey into the world of the undead.
From Developer: A radiation leak at a nuclear power plant has the locals acting strange, eating brains and suchlike. You’re not the type to believe in stories about zombies, but you’re not gonna let some shambling freak snack on your brain, either! Grab a gun (or chainsaw or rocket launcher) and take back what’s left of your town!

Zombie Road Trip

Another zombie featured Android game as we seem to be getting a lot of these lately. This one brings a different perspective and you will have to exercise your driving skills over a bunch of undead creatures. Weapons are plenty at your disposal along with all kinds of power-ups and features.
From Developer: Race against the unrelenting Zombie Horde across the great wastelands in the never-ending game of survival. Shoot the zombies ahead with your impressive arsenal of weapons and witness true ragdoll-packed gore galore! Earn zombie coins to upgrade your ride and weapons to lay waste to the undead and show them just how much you hate them.


This is a title we should probably list as the very best of Top Free Android Games in this week. If math is your strongest point than this title comes to test your skills in logic and preciseness. It is a very well designed puzzle title with an all new concept and simple but superb design in graphics. Simplicity in its purest form.
From Developer: To play, just swipe from a number to a + or – and to another number again. You’ll earn a star if it adds up to any of the given answers. Can you unlock all stars and proceed to the next round? Each round brings a new color scheme and after a few rounds you’ll even be introduced a whole new mode of play: FREE PLAY.

Quento is a game by Q42. It was invented by Martin Kool, coded together with Benjamin de Jager and designed by Marten de Jongh.

Super Knights

The latest title from Chillingo International (famous developer of Cut the Rope) promises lots of fun and long time entertainment. The goal is to collect gems from each castle but in order to do that you will have to swing your knight accordingly. It is rather tough at first but getting the hang of it will come very fast.
From Developer: Welcome to the swingin’, flyin’, gem collectin’ world of Super Knights, an amazing new scoring game!

When kidnapped princesses are in distress… when dangerous dragons, scary ghosts and ugly witches need to be fought… when the world is in peril and you need a hero… who are you going to call? The Super Knights!

Forever Drive

A very well designed racing android game designed in the purest SF form and with some very well made 3D graphics and high res textures. There is a built-in in-game Track Editor: extremely easy-to-use editor to make beautiful, winding city tracks with just a few touches and weekly challenge mode to race against the world and competitors’ ghost cars on specially created tracks.
From Developer: Forever Drive is a fast-paced racing game set in a futuristic 3D city made by YOU, the players. Using the In-game Track Editor, tracks made by different players are joined together into a never-ending neon racetrack. Race on tracks to gain experience, level up and earn coins to:
– Unlock premium cars with awesome designs and enhanced performance
– Customize cars from a large selection of paint designs and license plates
– Gain access to buildings, skyscrapers, and signage to decorate your tracks

Rise of the Blobs

Here is another great title in the purest puzzle form but packing awesome 3D graphics and unique style. The title has won its share of ans on the Play Store and offers a variety of game modes and features that will keep you hooked.
From Developer: You’ve never seen a puzzle game like this before!

Waves of hungry blobs are making their way up a column towards our stranded marshmallow hero! Help Marsh Mal survive the invasion by filling blobs with fruit and popping them in massive chains. Once you’ve mastered the basics, a collection of other game modes are waiting to challenge you in new ways.


Simple yet very well-built game for android having some well designed 2D graphics and a unique style. The game is a puzzle but unlike any you’ve seen before and has gathered a lot of players willing to rate it very good on the Store. Use one finger to rotate the multi-coloured wheel 360 degrees whilst making sure that the coloured balls flying onto the screen land in the matching part of the wheel.
From Developer: GYRO, the massive smash hit that’s had thousands of Android gamers glued to their screens just got better! It now comes packed with extra game modes and features including Time Attack mode, player ranks and extra unlockable wheel colour sets.

GYRO is a wonderfully simple yet fiendishly addictive arcade puzzle game like none you’ve ever seen before; a game of pure old school arcade beauty that serves up that ‘just one more go’ factor in spades.

Kite Fever – F

Kite_FeverIt is not easy to maneuver the kite when you are with it in the park but you may be given a second chance with this Android game. As the title suggest, it is very fun though the task can become very difficult at times. Cut as many kites as you can and go the distance. Share the score with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

From Developer: Those who enjoy the skills & drama of kite flying and fighting are going to love Kite Fever. Kite Fever is a free-to-play, fun, colorful & simple (no levels to achieve) game that will excite and engage all kids and kids at heart. It is good & clean gaming fun (without the violence)

We are bringing the updated version with more features and improvements SOON! Thank you all for such an overwhelming response!! Keep loving Kite Fever. We look forward to your feedback & suggestion.

That’s all for this week’s Top Free Android Games list. Hopefully you will enjoy most of the title we have chosen for you. Let us know which android games you like most. Also don’t forgrt to check our previous lists of Android Games of the Week.