Temple Run 2 Android Game (Download Free)


Temple Run 2, the second version of the smash hit Temple Run now available to download for Android devices.

Temple Run was one of the most successful mobile game on 2012 for its simple yet very addictive gameplay. Imangi Studios released the iOS version of the new Temple Run 2 a week ago, and now it’s also available for us Android users.

Download Temple Run 2 Android

You will see the same running, jumping, sliding concept in the Temple Run 2 but enhanced with new challenges environments. Also, the graphics are more awesome than the previous one. New elements also has been added such as perilous rope jumps makes the game little more difficult. Some part of the track also destroyed and you have to careful while ruining on a half track. New obstacles also does look good and will make it harder for you.

The characters come with their own special powers and additional power-ups are available to collect throughout the game while picking up coins along the way as well as in app downloads.

Temple Run 2 Android Temple Run 2 Android

The original Temple Run has been downloaded over 17 million times and quickly reached the fourth on the list of Top New Free games also it was in 8th place at Play Store Top 100 Android Games. Now imagine how Temple Run 2 will take it place on our smartphones and tablets. The developers made it available to download for free which will led to a rapid downloads.

Download Temple Run 2 Android for Free from the play store and start running for your life to escape from the big evil monkey. And also don’t forget t0 tell your friends about the new Temple Run 2 by hitting the share buttons.
Download Temple Run 2