Download Tap Tap Revenge 4 Android now available for Free with Android Market In-app Billing


Tap Tap Revenge Released on AndroidAndroid Market In-app Billing just goes live! to allow Purchases from within your apps. And one the most popular music game on iPhone/iPod iOS game Tap Tap Revenge 4 just become available on Android Market to download for Free and will use Android Market In-app Billing system to let user buy new trcaks.

Tap Tap Revenge 4 is easy to learn, but takes a lifetime to master! Tap the targets on your touchscreen to the beat of the music, scoring points for accuracy and timing. Add in multiple difficulty levels, hundreds of songs, live online battlegrounds, and you’ll never have the same experience twice!

Tap Tap Revenge Released on Android Download Tap Tap Revenge Released on Android

Tap and shake to the music of 100’s of your favorite artists! Tap and shake to the music of your favorite artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, B.o.B – PLUS free tracks from Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance and Benny Benassi!

Tap Tap Revenge 4 Android Features include:
– Chat with TTR players around the world
– Global leaderboards with up-to-the-minute scores
– Battle other players online
– Customize your avatar
– Weekly contests and new music
– Play any track in Arcade Mode
– Like tracks in the game, then battle other players who like the same tracks

Tap Tap Revenge 4 was developed for Android by Tapulous
Package name : com.tapulous.taptaprevenge4.apk
File size: 10.8MB

Watch Video Demo of Tap Tap Revenge 4 Android game:

Download Tap Tap Revenge 4 Android Game v4.0.3:
Tap Tap Revenge 4 Android apk

Tap Tap Revenge 4 is a Free Android Game. To Download Tap Tap Revenge 4 game head to Android Market link or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser. NOTE: Use MarketEnabler for Android if you see request item not found error. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter to get update on latest Android Apps, games and Live Wallpapers.

  • eva

    ….. how do we download games on an android. ..

  • Irwin

    Well, go to the Android Market App in you android phone and make a single search for the app you need. You may also go to this website, and send you disere app directly from the website to your phone. Or look for *.apk filles depending of the name of the app you need and send it to your phone and download directly from it, using your gmail app.

  • Desiree

    How do I download apps on this website

    • nancy

      use ur scanlife to scan barcode above

    • weber

      c he burro?

  • Louie

    I use xperia x8 , I couldn’t find this app when I search it

    • kempy

      because it probally isnt supported by your android ios system

  • iamsimplyana

    force closes on my android phone…
    what’s up with that?
    I have an Optimus One phone,
    It force closes when I play online. :(

  • t

    its not on my android market :( i own the orange san fransisco aka the zte blade. pls come out on the blade!!!!!!!! im waiting

  • Breewill

    how can i get tap tap revenge on my android i’ve tried and nothing is the game not available for androids anymore or what?

  • jun

    how can i get this game so i can send it to my samsung galaxy ace? i dun have internet access on SIM card

  • jake

    Tap tap revenge 4 was getting a lot of bad feedback from android users. Im pretty sure they took it off the market until they can fix all or most of the bugs.

  • bianca

    when i look for tap tap revenge on my samsung galaxy mini’s android market, it isnt there :( even when i try to search for it :(

  • bianca

    when i look for tap tap revenge on my samsung galaxy mini’s android market, it isnt there :( even when i try to search for it :( HELP PLEASE! thats one of the reasons why i got my phone :(

    • Maciej

      Hello Evereone ,
      Does tap tap revenge work on galaxy mini ?
      I would have that phone in this week , HELP !
      Bianica , a.m.y – please answer !

  • a.m.y

    everyone you should go to 4shared and search for taptap .apk 100% will get it there

  • a.m.y

    hello everyone here is the link to download tap tap

  • hawaiimano

    How /where can I download songs for this game (for samsung galaxy mini) from the internet? (cause I haven’t got it on my phone :( )

  • Inge

    i cant download it on my phone(sony ericsson xperia x8) from the android market. Can you help me please?

  • alice

    i got samsung galaxy s and tap tap is noy in the market jelp i really love this ge even with all of tje problems! !! 😉

  • philip trinh

    please send me tap tap revenge

  • philip

    i got a android platform 2.2 and i can’t it in the super market anyway

  • Fucking Anonymous

    Can’t play this on my Samsung Galaxy Mini. FUUUUUUUUUU

  • Gemma

    I just got it on my samsung galaxy ace but im already having problems

  • elvis

    i just buy new 7: touch screen pc tablet MID, android 2.2 can i update it to newest?

  • sherwin

    Tap tap glee love it

  • sherwin

    I just got a sumsung

  • Sam

    😐 i can’t find Tap Tap revenge 4 on my Samsung Galaxy Y =________=”

  • Zachary Meilak

    i downloaded tap tap revenge 4 on my htc one x and when i come to play the screen shrinks!?? this happens only when im gonna play cuz at the home or where you choose your song its the screen size! any help????