Download System Monitor Android App to see System Processing Info


We all love Android as Google’s Android OS offers complete control and the ability to do just about anything you put your mind to. It allows for changing every part of the system and modding is usually dome with ease compared to other systems. When we do install and run a lot apps on the device sometimes we would to like to see how the system performance. If the system eating lot of resources then we can kill some process and close apps to make it faster.

So, how do we know how much resource like RAM, CPU, Memory are being used? That’s when System Monitor comes to play its role to tell what’s going on.


The Android OS allows for tuning the system’s performance in the smallest detail. From custom kernels to complete custom ROMs, the OS can be brought so it looks and feels like no other, offering a very special experience. Most users like to tune their device’s performance to the limit, changing about every aspect of how they work and interact with the OS. But this procedure often requires advanced and basic tool to rely on for getting the most out of the system.

System Monitor is not only a very useful tool, but also hold the advantage of a great design. Practically it is one of the most attractive interfaces for an app I’ve seen in a while, and very functional. It is able to display all the system resources usage, from RAM to CPU, so that you can get an idea of how to tune your system for the better. It also offers other resources info, including disk usage and performance, network and top apps.

CPU, RAM, I/O, Network and TOP APPS – these are the five parameters System Monitor Android App keeps tracks. Also CPU usage can be split to show how much each individual processor of your phone is working. With the help of Dashclock, the paid version shows infos right on lockscreen as well.

PROS of System Monitor for Android:

+ Very useful system usage tool

+ Great UI design

+ Offers multiple resources monitoring

CONS of System Monitor:

– None

System Monitor Android App comes in both Free and Premium version which cost $0,99 . We suggest you to first Download System Monitor Lite for Free by hitting the Install button below then if you like purchase the complete version.