The most popular Android Keyboard App SwiftKey now Free


SwiftKey keyboard, the best-selling Android app dropped its price from $3,99 to zero, added free and paid themes.

most popular Android Keyboard App SwiftKey

SwiftKey, arguably the premier keyboard app on Google Play, is now free. Thanks to Apple announcing the latest version of their iOS operating system will include a keyboard that features predictive typing (one of the key features that made SwiftKey the popular keyboard app that it has become), anyone can experience what it feels like to type comfortably and quickly on a touch-screen keyboard. Download SwiftKey keyboard to change your typing experience.

What’s included in SwiftKey’s latest update? Is it the best version of SwiftKey to date? Find out below.

+ The Good

It’s not broken.

The old saying states that, “if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” and it’s the same ideology behind SwiftKey’s latest update.

  • Yes, users can still expect to be able to send messages by either tapping each letter on the keyboard or swiping their fingers around SwiftKey’s keyboard in order to create words.
  • Yes, the more you use the keyboard, the better SwiftKey will be able to predict which word you want to use.


  • And yes, SwiftKey is still able to analyze your sent messages in Gmail, your statuses on Facebook, your Tweets on Twitter, and more in an effort to discover the type of language you use so it can create a customized vocabulary for you the moment you begin using the keyboard.

All of the great features that made SwiftKey stand above the rest of the keyboard apps on Google Play are still here, and the best part?

It’s free

For Android users that complain about their stock keyboard, they have no reason to complain any longer. With the full version of SwiftKey now free to everyone, everyone has a chance to try SwiftKey risk-free. It’s a keyboard app that has completely changed how many mobile users around the world think about typing on a touch-screen keyboard.

And again, the best news about SwiftKey’s new update? It’s free: absolutely free!

For those that paid for SwiftKey? No problem! SwiftKey is giving away a package of keyboard themes for free to thank everyone for supporting them over the years!


Want to use SwiftKey on multiple devices? No problem! Thanks to SwiftKey’s cloud-sync feature, SwiftKey will remember everything about the way you type no matter which device you are using! SwiftKey is constantly learning more about you, analyzing the way you type, and figuring out the best predictive text to send your way to ensure that you are able to write as quickly as possible.

New themes, an in-app store

New themes for swiftkey keyboard

It’s a neat addition for those that want to customize their keyboard even more. Transitioning from being a premium app to a freemium app with in-app purchases (IAPs), expect SwiftKey to release more keyboard themes and packages going forward.

– The Bad

It’s actually really hard to find something to complain about with SwiftKey. The only complaint I have is that certain languages do not support certain features. For example, an abundance of languages do not support the ‘smart space’ feature, and a few languages (such as Korean) do not feature SwiftKey’s signature Flow feature. Moreover, Emojis are only supported on Jelly bean and KitKat (4.1 and above). With so many varied users using SwiftKey, it is crucial that SwiftKey fix these problems to ensure that everyone has the same experience no matter where they are or which device they are using!

But that’s being nitpicky. The truth is that SwiftKey is still the best touch-screen keyboard on Google Play, and the fact that it’s free means that every Android user now has the chance to experience an easy-to-use, functional, and comfortable touch-screen keyboard. SwiftKey is the best for a reason, and since it’s free, there’s no excuse to not try it out for yourself!

Download SwiftKey Keyboard for Android here (Free)

Undoubtly swiftkey keyboard is the most popular android keyboard app from third party developer. Still want to try some other android keyboard alternatives?
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