Download SwiftKey Flow Keyboard Apk for Android Smartphone and Tablet

The latest SwiftKey Flow Keyboard Beta version now available to Download and comes with Swipe Gestures Implementation.

SwiftKey is truly a remarkable and innovative product. Developed by TouchType Ltd. the app has won several awards for innovation and its populaarity has increased so far that almost every Android user knows or relies on it for everyday typing using their Android device. Even other platform users would want it due to it’s very high efficiency.

Download SwiftKey Flow apk

TouchType Ltd. has done a great job with SwiftKey by launching new and much improved versions over relatively short periods of time. The app is among the most popular on the Play Store, with millions of downloads and has been The Developer’s Choice on the Store for as long as I can remember.

Using incredibly accurate predictions, thorough customization options and skins support, SwiftKey seems to have the recipe for the perfect software keyboard. It can tap into your Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Gmail and Blog accont and learn the way you write, making it more easy to provide accurate predictions and learn new words. Version 3 launched earlier this year, brought an improved predictions algorithm, interface redesign to Android 4.0 design guidelines, superb skins to integrate with ICS interface and much more. Now it is time to take it to another level (Video below).


First advertised some weeks ago, SwiftKey Flow wants to bring just the thing that ose missing to make the software very close to perfection. With the implementation of swipe gestures, it is now possible to type even faster and benefit from the amazing predictions SwiftKey is known for. The most interesting feature is that it allows you to write a full sentence without even taking off your finger from the screen. Called as Flow Through Space, the feature let you type whole sentence by just trace the words on the keyboard, moving finger over to the space key after every word.

AS you type more and more the app learns about the words you use more in the sentences. The previous Beta releases for SwiftKey Flow apk had some problems and bugs, as expected with this type of unfinished product. It has now reached version and due to the highly efficient form of communicating with the testers through the VIP forums it has been greatly improved to reach a close to stable release. The latest version is now available for download in both smartphone and tablet form. With the new release you can now flow in almost every text field, Berry theme, split layout in landscape on phones, more accurate corrections and suggestions and additional language support including: Thai, Vietnamese, Bosnian, Albanian, Javan and Sundanese.  It also corrects most of the bugs the users have reported with such accuracy.

The app is still in Beta and open for testing but with your help and others, the final release is expected to arrive very soon. The developers have provided both versions for testing for free, even if for a limited time only.

Download SwiftKey Flow apk Free for android smartphone or tablet and enjoy what is about to become the number 1 keyboard for Android.