Download SuperPlayer 2 for Android – With Floating Window & Popup


SuperPlayer 2 Video Player for Android is an Advanced Video Player With Floating Window & Popup.

Most mobile devices these days optimized for entertainment, which including very high quality video and audio playback. While most dual-core smartphones can handle the Android UI just fine, without noticeable lag or stutter, for multimedia it takes just a little more. When it comes in Video Playback, we have already suggest you 5 Best Video Player App for Android which are optimized for best performance. But a new player called SuperPlayer 2 just arrived on Play Store and it looks very promising. Let’s Checkout SuperPlayer 2 for Android.


Today’s mid range and high-end smartphones are capable of 1080p video playback at the maximum frame-rate. In terms of screen sizes and resolutions it has gone over 4-inches and the latest devices offer 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution for a complete experience in terms of video playback. But the hardware is just half of the issue, as the other half belongs to the developers and it’s their job to make sure that the software can take advantage of all the hardware capabilities. And for video, few offers can match the features of SuperPlayer 2 Video Player.

SuperPlayer 2 manages to bring toughener all anybody could wish fore in an app of this type. It is very well designed in terms of user interface and offers multiple video format compatibility,  including avi, flv, 3gp, mp4, rm, rmvb, mpg, mov, asf, mkv, webm … SuperPlayer supports multi-language subtitles, supports srt, ass, sub, smi format and video’s embed subtitle and is capable of very smooth playback due to advanced optimizations. Even more, the app offers support for Floating & Popup window playing, for better multitasking.


PROS of SuperPlayer 2 Video Player for Android:

+ Very well designed UI

+ Smooth playback

+ Supports lots of formats and features

CONS of SuperPlayer 2 Video Player Android:

– May not be suited for low-end devices.

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