Download Solid Explorer Beta Android App, the most beautiful file manager for the Android

Download Solid Explorer Beta Android App

Solid Explorer brings to you a new file browsing experience. This is the most attractive, eye catching and intuitive file manager for the Android. We haven’t seen such beautiful and organised file manager for android before. Solid Explorer allows to you to explore your handset storage in every way you can imagine.

Though Solid Explorer is almost perfect, there is few features still missing such as Backup application as apk files, many other file manager has it long before. But, remember Solid Explorer is in beta stage and hopefully will improve and add more features soon. Developer also has plan to add cloud service option to chose as default panel for important backups.Worth checking out.

Main features:
1. Two independent panels for browsing
2. Drag and Drop inside and between panels
3. FTP, SFTP and SMB/CIFS clients
4. File sharing via FTP
5. Support for ZIP, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2 and RAR archives
6. Creating ZIP and TAR archives
7. Dropbox and Box support
9. Root access
10. Indexed search, also available from the system (that means that you can search for files from the Google Search widget/app)
11. Detailed file and directory information