Download Samsung KIES for Mac, finally it arrives!

Download Samsung KIES for Mac

For those Mac owners who also got a Samsung Smartphone or Tablet, it has been disaster to sync the device with their computer. Mac user can survive without Kies to mange their device but the worst is when it comes to update the device as Samsung always release the Update through Kies. As a relief Samsung finally released their proprietary synchronization software KIES for Mac though it’s only a Beta & limited to Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab users but at least we are happy to know Samsung Finally realized they need to do something about Mac owners. We hope Kies for Mac will soon start to support more devices.

As it just a beta version you may not expect it to work so well, in case you own Galaxy S II or Galaxy Tab download Kies for Mac. Don’t forget to let us know how it does work. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself updated on latest Samsung KIES for Mac.