Download Road Warrior Android Game, Race, Shoot and Make Money!


Download Road Warrior Android Game

“Furious fast racing with Die hard action shooting”, that’s what  Road Warrior Android Game. If you are a fan of racing games but want a twist in it, Road Warrior Android Game is for you. Road Warrior previously released for iPhone/iPad, iPod and downloaded over two million times. Now it become available on Android for FREE at Launch Promotion!

Race against opponents and destroy them with your guns. Everything is allowed, but losing! Gain respect to be able to race against the bosses. Beat them and you will get their extremely tuned racing & killing machines!

+ Execute perfect flips to gain coins and nitro boosts.
+ Multiple car options from sedans to massive trucks!
+ Explore and discover multiple tracks. There are many paths within a single track. There’s always a best strategy for each car!
+ Upgrade your car with guns and other add-ons using our car builder.
+ Precise controls and amazing physics.
+ Realistic and impressive HD graphics!
+ Super addictive!

The only downside of the game is earning cash takes is very slow which makes cars and big upgrades take a very long time to unlock. The game seems very slow progress until you get some upgrades. Watch below the video demo of Road Warrior.


  • jahat ke baal

    jaa be randi tera amma ka chut marao game hai be gaand mein dal do mod ke bhosda

  • Vikram

    Can Any one guide me how to download games from this site ..?

  • cagonros

    i’ve got a Galaxy S2 and it say that it’s not compatible with my phone

  • Shashank

    Wow, very nice apps…
    you might also like Angry Birds…
    download it for PC free from here….