Download Photo 360° Android App by Sfera, create 360 degree “alive” photos with sound!

Download Photo 360° by Sfera Android App

Photo 360° is the first free application on Android which lets users take fantastic 360° panoramic photos without taking multiple pictures or any other difficult manipulation. Developed in partnership with Yudo, Photo 360° lets you capture a high quality 360° image with sound all in one revolution.  No difficult manipulation is needed. Launch your application and turn slowly around to capture a magical 360° photo. A sound record is automatically added and played while viewing it. The combination of 360° pictures with sound creates a new dimension for  photography.

“We feel this is the best photographic application since cameras were first added to mobile phones”, said Christian Guillemot, AMA’s CEO.

Three types of 360° photos can be taken with Photo 360°. You can shoot a full panoramic view during a vacation, show yourself with the world turning round you with the front camera of your device or take a picture of your dream car. All images can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, marked with the GPS location record to show where it has been taken. To transport your memories on other screens by uploading your favorite photos to the web and play and share them anytime via the Photo 360° Web viewer.

The app allows to share photos with friends over social networks, email, messaging, etc. Though Photo 360 is a free app, sharing over social network feature  only available via in-app purchase (they do need to make some money) . Users can buy sharing tickets from $1.00 USD for four tickets, $2.00 for 10 tickets, $7.50 for 50 tickets, and $10.00 for 100 tickets. There is five free tickets available at starting to see what’s it all about. Watch below the video overview of Download Photo 360° by Sfera Android App:


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