Download Paper Racer Android Game, Best Android Game Pick for Today


Download Paper Racer Android Game

We all love to play racing games on our Android smartphone or tablet. Typically, games has a set of cars from where you can chose to participate in the race. But, what if you can just draw your own car on the paper and import it to race by just photographing it with your Phone. Sounds interesting? yes, Paper Racer Android Game will let you to do so.

Create you r own cars and Drift around tight curves and maneuver your way through the array of obstacles that await you in this one-of-a-kind rally simulation. Paper racer features 16 realistic racecourses which looks different from each other. With advanced physics engine the graphics are pretty awesome, collisions to obstacles that you must maneuver your way through looks so real!

The game comes with OpenFeint support which allows to share your cars and scores with friends and allow them to race with your car. ARE YOU READY FOR REAL HIGH-SPEED ACTION IN MICRO SIZE?