Download CoPilot for Android, Now Available for Free


Without any doubt CoPilot for Android is one of the best GPS Navigation App which now you can download for Free. Checkout our review below and give it a shot!

Offline GPS navigation apps for Android to navigate without internet connection are expensive. Google Maps is doing it pretty good, but nothing can be compared to a dedicated GPS software like Sygic, Garmin, TomTom or … CoPilot. The last title we can use for free.

Download One of the Best GPS Navigation Apps Available for Free

CoPilot is not only a popular GPS solution, it is also most certainly among the best available on the market today. ALK Technologies – who developed this suite for navigation have long promised to launch a free version of their app for Android and iOS. That moment has come and mobile platform users can enjoy it today without having to pay to download the app. Being a free version the app has some limitations. To use CoPilot you will need to create an account. Then you select the language and voice guidance and last but not least you will download the map you want to use. We recommend a wireless connection for map downloading as they can take up to hundreds of MB of data. Now face the first limitation. Once you have selected a map, the rest of map for other territories you have to pay. The price is acceptable, I think, given that it is a top solution. For the Central and Eastern Europe price ranges around 30 Euros.

As soon as you start the app and see map, you will see the next limitation. You will not benefit from 3D display and turn-by-turn guidance with voice assistance. The good news is that we can get this feature for a very good price – 19 Euros where you will find everything you could want from a GPS application including advanced features.  Weather info, parking, points of interest with Wikipedia info, coordinates and satellite pictures are all there. The app also includes Facebook and Twitter integration.

CoPilot for Android – the free version was released especially for mapping and planning but I think we can use it as a very easy solution for navigation. It is a commendable initiative from ALK Technologies and we want to benefit from an increasing number of such solutions from other GPS software developers.

Pros of Copilot for Android :

+ App offered for free with in-app purchases

+ Detailed maps and features

+ Top design and usability

Cons of Copilot :

– No free 3D view

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  • Mark Hudson

    Re-read the article, ONE map is FREE.

  • Ikram Siddiqui

    I had use copilot in saudi arabia and agreed yes it works fantastic but i used limited for 15days trail period, appreciate if you could suggest to use same software in my samsung glx grand for free, and also advise how to reload in the same phone to work same as before.

    awaiting for your immediate support.


  • Maurice Haynes

    have had this on my samsung 10.1 for a couple of months and only this holiday thought to use it. on start up it asked me to up date my maps which I started.IT DID SAY THAT ALL MAPS WOULD BE DELEATED but since trying to download the latest version of the europe map 2.5 gb it stops at 44% no way can I get it to move on. so the prog seems to be stuck as I have no maps.
    any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • z

    app is free, but to use it you need to “buy” maps: so nothing is free: misleading advertizing