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Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale is something will keep your eyes on-screen for hours.

MMORPG means “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game” and describes a category of games that were released in the slipstream of World of Warcraft. Two factors are indicative of this genre: First – The RPG elements mentioned in the naming. Second – The fact that thousands of players on a server are gathered to explore each other and the world. Especially important in this category of games is the basis of the interaction. Although you can enjoy MMORPGs without much contact with other players, sooner or later you will have to rely on each-other to succeed.

Ninja Action RPG

In Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale after logging in a game world you will find its populated by many players.  Use the Facebook login option or alternatively use your good old email address to create an account. After login,  the game draws the player into its spell. The gameplay will take you to the trip with little ninjas with the possibility to equip them with weapons and also in the longer term to gain strength. The player is lured by fast level rises and also richly rewarded with items and other “loot” items. This effect contributes to reward players on the first few hours. The gameplay is simple. There are missions and battles. The missions are based ultimately on three / four fundamental elements. In the individual missions the player must go through various checkpoints and take on its way the various equipments, valuable items or be challenged by opponents. After a battle, the player with the highest damage is dealt a special bonus – in addition to the prize money received.

It is important to know that the number of rounds within the fighting is limited and can be regenerated simultaneously with the available action. Here comes the first aspect of the criticism, because the waiting time is indeed at the beginning of fast “level-ups” continuously reset, BUT later, one is forced to use items and when they are used up, then only help is the grip in your wallet or on credit card if the waiting time seems too long.


The items – be it weapons, armor, or even stones – are regularly found. In particular, the stones allow you to upgrade the weapons that are in the truest sense of the word “priceless” and give the player and his armor extra power. The “call options” in the local store are designed interesting, because you can not directly buy weapons but these are exchanged for tokens. Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale offers good potential and makes a lot right. Those who think of this game to a kind of World of Warcraft are a bit out-of-place. Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale can be considered rather a hybrid between browser games and MMORPGs. A very entertaining game that can keep you hooked for hours at a time.

Pros of Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale Android Game:

+ Good graphics

+ Highly addictive MMO title

+ Large number of players

Cons of Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale:

– In-app purchases can become a must

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