Download Netflix apk (Hacked), work on most Android Devices

The most popular online on demand video service Netflix now available for Android with their App.

Watch your favorite movies, Tv shows on the right on your android smartphone or Tablet screen. This is a must have for Netflix members. The best thing is if you start watching something on a device and can’t finish it, later you can resume watching gon a different device. Cool, huh!

Download Netflix apk hacked

Netflix Android App hits Android Market but only available to Selected few HTC Smartphones and Samsung Nexus S. If you own an Android Smartphone  which doesn’t support the official Netflix app here we go, once again specialist from xda bring us modified version of Netflix apk which seems working on most Android Devices. The hack in the apk force the application not to check the Device ID, allowing for all the Netflix streaming goodness. Different version of apks are available to download, one of them just work fine but if you experience a crash after login try the alternative. Download Netflix apk for Android from the link below which also support supports all Android 2.2 Froyo and 2.3 Gingerbread devices.

If above apks don’t work you may try this latest Netflix APk File. Grab right now v1.3.0

Alternatively you can download Netflix Android app from play store and see if the official version support your device. The latest version of Netflix not only supports most phone and latest version of Android OS but also work work flawlessly on all Honeycomb Tablets.
Download Netflix Android app

Let us know if it does on your Android and enjoy your favourite TV shows & movies. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter to get update on latest Android Apps, games and Live Wallpapers. source.

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  1. netflix-mod-2.apk worked, Galaxy S. Got me to login and choose movie but couldn’t connect to NETFLIX server. Getting closer guys!! Keep up the great work!

    • I have a galaxy s from sprint, and i just downloaded the netflix app from the android market and it works just fine. I watch movies with no problems.

  2. From my own experience, and from what I’ve been reading over the past couple of weeks is that no matter what APK you try if you’re running anything below android 2.3 you can’t stream.
    Sure you can login, and manage your queue, but BFD everyone wants to be able to stream on their phones amirite?

    • It sreams on my T Mobile Optimist 3G android 2.2. The only thing that sucks it speeded the play. Everyone voice sounds like Alven and the Chipmunks LOL

  3. My touch 4g. Logs in but doesn’t play videos. I select select the video and it begins to load but right before it shows it goes back to the video selection. Hope this gets fixed for me. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into these.

    • i tried all 3 on my mytouch 4g none worked all they would do is get to the login screen and give me a message that a new version was available but when i clicked to upgrade it would go to the market and the application could not be found

  4. I have the DroidX and the Netflix application works on my phone. I had to use the version that does NOT check for the device.

  5. I also have the DroidX, It allows you to log
    in but doesn’t play videos. I select select the video and it begins to load but right before it shows it goes back to the video selection.

  6. works on atrix 4g for at&t on the middle link, but the video looks kinda weird. so it’s almost there, but not quite ready :(

  7. Netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk got me sound only on my samsung galaxy tab (wifi). So close, keep up the good work.

  8. Whenever I try to open after downloading it says something about a parse error. I’m on a samsung fascinate. Anyone got any tips?

  9. It was very close, signed in, searched for movies, loaded the movie and it played both video and sound for about two seconds. Then the netflix search page came back up. Hasn’t played again. (4g my touch w/dolphin)

  10. Ps. I downloaded all three apps. First there was no load up, second had the best results, and the last install didn’t improve it.

  11. Doesnt work on my fascinate. This is pathetic. It can work on my 2nd gen ipod touch but not on my fascinate.

  12. Got the second one to work on my Droid X. Installed and loaded Q but got error message 1005 on my Galaxy Tab. So close!!!

  13. Versions 2 and 3 each say “sorry can’t reach the netflix service” on my viewsonic gtablet. Keep trying please!

  14. I have the Lg Optimus S from Sprint and i downloaded the “netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk has device check disabled” and it worked on my phone. Netflix never played on my phone before so I AM HAPPY and THANK YOU!!!

  15. Works w/… DC/GB/ Unrooted w/… the skipping the device check. If not rooted or no Gingerbread, don’t waste your time.

  16. Tmobile galaxy s 4g–tried second and third link, kept telling me I had to upgrade to use app but then no such upgrade existed when I clicked okay. Boo.

  17. Netflix has finally released an update that truly streams video and audio on a DROID X running Android version 2.3. I did a system update to 4.5.596 thru Verizon this morning, don’t know if that has anything to do with it working or not; but I couldn’t download the Netflix update until after I did the system update thru Verizon. Install of Netflix didn’t work the 1stNetflix time. Had to uninstall, then re-install. Works beautifully.

    • Netflix was made to run on 2.2 (froyo), until the recent evo gingerbread update broke it, nothing extrordinary that it works for you. I’m running a custom gingerbread rom on my evo, & netflix doesn’t work for me.

  18. Works on my lg optimus v (virgin mobile)
    Surprised since it can’t run flash but daaaaamn im happy thanks guys!

    • Wow didn’t waste anytime on that! Right on the release day. I got the phone that day too. I got it right about when you posted that too.

      Which link worked?

      • Yeah would be curious too, as mine won’t even get to the login on Evo3d, for any of the 3 links.
        I appreciate the dev work on this guys, it sounds like it is working for a lot of other ppl!

  19. gives new version available msg then back to search page when trying to view selected video – gtablet rooted 2.2.? (no 3rd digit on about page) thanks!

  20. another no go on the samsung fascinate… also running 2.2. the last download was the only one that got me to login.
    it asks to update, i have to click no or it boots me!

  21. Awesome! Totally worked for me. I have the EVO 3D and the second link worked great. Just right now I’m watching a movie!

  22. device check disabled.apk works like a charm on my hd2 rooted with typhoon cyanogen 7 awesome on wi-fi, but a screen pops up if youre connection is too slow.

  23. After seeing all those failure stories I’d like you to know that you helped someone. My herotab c8 on android 2.3 ran netflix like a charm with the device checker off thank you so much

  24. None of the three work on the Acer Iconia a500. First one said device not supported, the next two attempted to load the movie, but then said Netflix Server could not be reached.

  25. The 3rd file installed, opened, and I was able to log on & navigate the site. Unfortunately, I got an error everytime I tried to play anything on my Samsung Infuse running Android 2.2.1.

  26. Second one worked perfectly on my nookcolor. Running CM7 128. Used netflixappfixer to show device as HTC. Hope this helped !

  27. None if these worked on Mytouch 4G. I guess “new version of the application is found, do you want to update?”
    When okay is pressed, error “the requested item could not be found” it displayed.
    When canceled is pressed, a white screen appears but nothing ever happens.

  28. WIthout device Check works on Lg Optimus (sprint) on the cricket network works, over wifi videos dont like to load quickly on a non android plan…. And a green bar at the top but streaming still “works” and its good enough for me


    The easiest way to download netflix If you own an Android Smartphone which doesn’t support the netflix app from the android market is to download AUDIO MANAGER and 4SHARED from the android market than set up AUDIO MANAGER so you can hide the market like that it wont have access to the internet than download netflix.apk from using p4SHARE than instal it to your device run it than it will say a new version of netflix is available would you like to upgrade (yes) than it just gonna transfer the files without transfering you to the market. . . .JUST THANK ME LATER

  30. I just want to say thank you, because this works on Virgin Mobile’s Motorola Triumph. I used the second one w/ device check disabled. I did get the message that a new version was out and did I want to upgrade, I bypassed and I’m currently watching a movie. It’s 10 minutes in and shows perfectly and sounds great.

  31. Downloaded on my Ascend M860. Rooted and upgraded to 2.2.2 from 2.x. A little choppy but it still works. Thanks!!!!

  32. 2nd file works great on my rooted 2.3.3 LG Optimus One
    Only thing is each time it launches or returns to the App’s Main Menu it prompts me to update so I have to click “Cancel” a lot, no big deal,

  33. No device chk one works but restarts when you try to play something. The mod2 apk says connections problems with the netflix server when you play something. This is on my HTC Inspire/Desire

  34. 2nd link almost work when i view movie it go back to movie selection and keeps askin for update but it wont allow me

  35. Did all 3 downloads on my asus transformer and it gets to downloading an then it says something like it can not conect to netflix even with full bars and our blueray gets the conection. Not sure what to do now any suggestions?



  37. Used my market to get Netflix on my Galaxy S (stationed in Korea so can’t use US market)…but decided to download this .apk file for it on my new Galaxy Tab 10.1…the version on my phone (using VPN pass-through of course) works fine but this one not so much. I can log on and browse/view queue etc. However EVERYTIME I try to view a movie/show I get an error message that it can’t connect to server (12001). I downloaded various different .apk hacks from here and same thing. What’s causing this?

  38. Acer Iconea Tab 16Gb :

    can’t login, error: “sorry, Netflix is not available in your country… yet”

    I’m from Belguim

  39. WORKED perfectly on Archos 101 tablet using the 2nd version (device check disabled). One warning; you get a prompt to update your version, DON’T do this or it won’t work. Just press Cancel, there’s a short delay then everything just works…..EXCELLENT!!

  40. With the new app, I no longer have a “Recently Watched” section. Is this something Netflix intentionally removed from the update for some reason? If so, does anyone know where I can download the older version? If not, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix or work around this?

    • Strangest thing: out of nowhere the Continue Watching section showed up! I was using the app not an hour ago, took a break for lunch, and now when I opened the app, there it was! Anyone else come across this strange phenomenon?

      The app was having some difficult with video and audio synching, but no issues today, and I like everything else about it. Good stuff. :)

  41. You have to have a DEVICE THAT SUPPORTS FLASH STILL! Just so you know. If your phone can not do that these APK’s will STILL not WORK they may install but wont connect to servers or will be choppy or fail upon load.

  42. Hi

    I just tried all your downloads on my Sony Google TV (NSZ-GT7).
    Ufortunately noone worked….

    The pictures flickers and ends up saying “landscape mode not available.
    Can a hack be made to my Googel TV until the official is onair ?

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