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Review of: Monster Park

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On May 25, 2012
Last modified:Feb 27, 2013


Monster Park is the perfect example of how fun it could be FarmVille style game. This is super cool to build a world famous Monster Park with insane variety of Monsters such as Cyclos, dragons, unicorns, and more! Feed them, watch them grow, and breed them to plunge yourself into monsterly fun! The is game is so addictive you wouldn’t want to leave your Android device on the desk.

Download Monster Park Android Game

As you build your Park, you’ll be able to:

  • Collect dozens of quirky and lovable Monsters
  •  Watch your Monsters walk, fly, celebrate, or laze around
  •  Fill your Park with tons of rooms and decorations
  •  Breed and discover the rarest Mythic Monsters – dragons and more!
  •  Attract Visitors to your magnificent Park
  •  Brag to your friends that your Park is SOOO much better than theirs!

Monster Park Android Game is available for Free to download form Google Play store. However users can buy cool stuff in the game if they want through in-app-purchase. That helps power our Monster Factory to make more Monsters.