Download Million Moments Android App, A gorgeous UI for your Photo Albums. Today’s Best Android App for Free

Downlaod Million Moments Android App

For those users who are not happy with how they organise Photos on their Android Devices, Sony Digital Networking Applications Inc. (SDNA) brings a new Android called million moments. The app allows users to capture photos then organise them by category, even label them and then put in Albums. The most beautiful thing about Million Moments is the gorgeous Album UI in a sleek, subtle design.


Easily add tags to your photos and adding captions or other information has never been easier than this. The app will let you easily import Facebook Photos which will automatically sorted by date. Also uploading photos to Facebook is just as easy as it could be, for snappy, easy sharing. Best of all, Million Moments Android App is available to download on Google Play Store for completely FREE. Follow the links below to download Million Moments Android App