Download Meta Widget Android App : Turn Any Web Page Into a Dynamic Widget

Download Meta Widget Android App and you will be able to place any website as a widget on your Android home screen and can even interact with it. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Checkout below Android Widget Review. 

Download Meta Widget Android App

Fahrbot Utilities have some very useful apps in their portfolio on Google Play Store. Their latest release, called Meta Widget for android can turn virtually any online content into dynamic, interactive widgets. You will have multiple options for customization and interaction methods. After installing Meta Widget don’t try to find the app in the drawer but use it from the widgets menu. You then interact with a browser-style interface to customize the detailed content you want displayed.

You will be accompanied by an interactive guide at each step so you should not worry about finding all the options. You can select anything: links, pictures, text and other elements using the dedicated buttons to switch between things you can add. Once the content has been selected we can customize the look and interaction behavior by adjusting the text size, alignment, background, update frequency etc. We can determine the behavior when touching the title or content. Let’s watch below the video review of Meta Widget for Android.


Download Meta Widget Android App Free version by hitting the widget bellow or purchase the full version and unlock the complete functionality.