Download LINE Camera for Android – An Advanced Photo Editor


I’ve just tested LINE Camera for Android and I must say I’m pretty impressed with this App.

Some of the free photo editing app for Android out there are really lacking in some areas. Even the paid apps miss basic functions one would definitely need for a complete experience.

Download LINE Camera for Android - An Advanced Photo Editor
LINE Camera android app has all the photo editing tool you need

LINE Camera is a three-step photo tool : Capture, Edit and Save/Share. Let’s talk about each mode. The capture mode gives you all the options you need to snap a photo. To take a picture you press the dedicated soft button or you can focus before by touching the screen. Unfortunately it does not allow you to focus a specific area while it does it only on the center. Yo can select the view finder size, choose whether flash should be used or just leave it on auto and set a timer. You can also switch to the front facing camera or browse the photo gallery.

Editing the picture after you’ve taken is pretty easy, thanks to the great simple UI. You are offered with lots of photo effects that you can swipe between to see what it looks like, Instagram style. There is a dedicated button that once pressed gives you the basic image settings, like brightness, contrast and saturation. Next you can select all kinds of frames, draw and add text to the image.  

Sharing is also very easy in the app. Once you hit the save button you are taken to a dedicated screen where you can either connect to popular services like Facebook and Twitter or send to one of your installed apps.

Download LINE Camera for android free by hitting the widget bellow.