Download latest Gmail app – Improved For Android 4.0+ devices

Finally it seems Gmail app for Android becoming a true e-mail client. Download latest version of Gmail Android app and checkout yourself.

A majority of Android users have been complaining about Gmail app not reaching the high standards that were met on other platforms. With so much potential users and the ability to develop from the ground up to improve the Android OS to the version what it is now, it was such a disappointment that Google did not take into consideration user’s thought about Gmail.


While on iOS and even on Symbina (now called Nokia) Belle the email clients are up to the task and up there with the best, Gmail for Android lacked some features to make it worth while. It is the choice of many Android users that they should find a better alternative on the Play Store. That is until recently.

With Android 4.2, the latest version of the OS, a new version of Gmail made its way to bring what older version’s couldn’t – auto-fit emails. It is a feature long-expected and the reason of many user’s complains. Some of us knew we would soon get it, due to the leaked version 4.2 of Gmail finding its way on the internet just before the new version of the OS was announced. Another feature long-expected and introduced with this version – pinch-to-zoom for emails. Other mobile platform users had it long before Google finally decided to carry out it, and now it’s finally here. It is now also possible from the list to swipe an email left or right to archive, delete it or both.

Gmail v4.2.1 for Android

As it was available only for Android 4.2, Google has decided to bring it for other versions of the OS. The latest Gmail 4.2.1 for Android update made the long-awaited features available for Android 4.0 ICS and up. Users running Gingerbread or Froyo will have to make do with the version of Gmail lacking the features or download an alternative from the Play Store.

Download the new version of Gmail Android app v4.2.1 by hitting the widget below.