Download Jelly bean style QuickSettings for Android


Download and install Android 4.2 Quick Settings Menu on any Android Version running on your Phone or Tablet.

Fancy to see the all-time favorite Android 4.2 Quick Settings Menu on your current device with older version of OS? One of the best feature in Android 4.2 is the quick-settings menu accessible from the jelly bean notifications tray. It gives access to your profile settings along with shortcuts to the most common used functions such as turning on WiFi or Bluetooth.

Download Jelly bean QuickSettings for Android

The problem however with the Quick Settings menu in Android 4.2 is that it can’t be extended to provide more shortcuts.  Though Google has done a great job (finally) implementing the feature, it lacks certain options that would have made it great. The developer community has acted upon this principle and extended it for devices running Android 4.2. For the other devices running Android 2.2 and up there is the app called QuickSettings. It works unexpectedly well and provides the closest experience to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It even brings the same animations when opening it or a setting.

QuickSettings for Android places a persisted and ongoing notification in he tray. Tap it to open the quick-settings menu along with shortcuts not even Android 4.2 provides. There is a configure button that lets you set the toggles you want displayed, their order and options for notifications. There is even a theme sub-menu for ICS users to purchase for about $0.99 from the Store. The shortcuts respond with long and short press. A short press toggles the function while a long one takes you to the device settings menu. These actions can also be customized.


The app provides shortcuts for Task killer, Settings panel, Ringer mode (normal/vibrate/silent), Auto-brightness switch (auto/normal), Screen dimmer (black transparent overlay), Rotation toggle (Autorotate/off), Airplane mode, Wi-Fi and a lot more.

PROS of QuickSettings for Android:

+ Mimics the feel of Android 4.2

+ Lots of toggles provided

+ Fast and clean interface

CONS of QuickSettings Android App:

– Free version lacks a lot of features and options

Download Jelly bean style QuickSettings for Android from the review widget below. Pro features are available through in-app purchase.

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