Download Itzy3D Android Game, Web building fun!

Download Itzy3D Android Game

Itzy Interactive, a Canadian independent game developer just released their first game Itzy3D on Android Market. Itzy3D is pretty fun and addictive, gives a new twist to the gameplay offered by such arcade classics as Qix. The game offers:

  1. -  4 free to play levels with the option to continue Itzy’s story in each of 6 unique, downloadable levels.
  2. -  Follow Itzy’s story through 40+ beautifully illustrated cutscenes.
  3. -  24 individual achievements to unlock
  4. -  Camouflage Itzy from his enemies or Power Up and go on the offence with Kung-Fu!
  5. -  Level up system allows you to control how Itzy plays by customizing attributes
  6. -  3 difficulty settings
  7. -  Huge levels and scalable difficulty give hours of re-playability
  8. -  Includes how to play game tutorial and gameplay demo
  9. -  Supports easy, touch screen controls
  10. -  Customizable options to control Itzy’s look
  11. -  Hidden bonus on each level
  12. -  Facebook support to link up and share Itzy’s achievements with friends
  13. -  Outstanding art style
  14. -  Original soundtrack and voice

Game story: A meteor has crashed, unleashing delicious, alien fireflies. Cover the 3D world in webs, take it to the bad guys with your Kung-Fu Punch and eat as many alien fireflies as you can! Climb to the heights of Itzy’s forest, explore deep, foreboding caves, take a trip to the farm and conquer the city in each, addictive and exciting level as our spider hero.