Download I-Spy Android app. Access to other device’s storage, or listen phone call

I-Spy Android AppEver wanted to access your mate’s Android Smartphone to get those hidden pics and videos or spying on them? With I-Spy Android app now you can do that. Presented by Xda members (madnish30 and NeoS2007) I-Spy Android app allow to pick up the radio waves from other devices nearby (approx. 15 feet) to access the users’ device storage, or simply listen into their phone call. The app decrypts the GSM access codes to get access to the data stream. Then, it cloaks itself to blend into the data stream and simply monitor all communication between the devices.

Download I-Spy Android app for spying on other
How To Install I-Spy Android app:
1) Download the i-spy.apk file below.
2) Just copy and paste it into your device.
3) Reboot device.
4) Click on the i-spy application in the application menu.

How to make it work:
1) Go near the victim ( victim must have his cellphone with it’s radio on).
2) Turn the application on.
3) Enter the victim’s cellphone number.
4) Wait till the application decrypts the signals.
5) Look at the data you want, classified under the given menus.

Download I-Spy: Know it All apk file:

Disclaimer: Breaking into other people’s accounts can have legal consequences, this is purely for education purposes. We are not responsible for legal consequences ( if any ). We do not encourage you to do so, or we are not responsible either if you got in big trouble.

I-Spy Android app has been tested on Android Gingerbread and should be work on other Android version as well. For more info on I-Spy Android app hit the source link. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter to get update on latest Android Apps, games and Live Wallpapers. source.