Learn how to Download and Install new KitKat Google Dialer/Phone App APK with Google Caller ID feature for your Android device.

Download & Install New KitKat Google Dialer APKThose who are impressed with awesome KitKat Dialer google brought in the latest version of Android 4.4 and were hoping to enjoy it on their current android phone must disappointed by not getting them in manufacturers update. Even some of the most popular Custom ROM also does not include  the dialer.

Well, if your device is rooted and running on android 4.4 (be it any Kitkat ROM) then chances you can still enjoy new Kitkat dialer by following the simple tutorial below.Get other Kitkat goodies: Download Android 4.4 Kitkat Launcher, keyboard, Hangouts, camera Apk & wallpapers.


  1. Download the New KitKat Google Dialer/Phone APK first. DOWNLOAD LINK (Mirror) and copy it to phone’s sd card. | File name: GoogleDialer.apk  (2.3 MB)
  2. If you don’t have any root file explorer then install ES File Explorer (The screenshots below taken using Es File Explorer)
  3. You need to enable root explorer option in ES File explorer by doing:enable root explorer in ES File explorer
    1. Launch ES File explorer and Tap on settings icon at top left.
    2. Under Tools, look for Root Explorer and tap on Off to toggle it ON.
    3. Grant the permission when your SuperUser/SuperSU asks, right after you enable it.
  4. Let’s enable permission to write files.enable permission to write files on es explorer
    1. Under settings of the app, tap on Tools tab and then tap on Root Explorer to bring up its options.
    2. Now tap on Mount R/W, check all the boxes under RW then tap OK to enable the write access.
  5. Now on ES file explorer find the GoogleDialer.apk we’ve copied before. Long tap on the file and select copy at the bottom.
  6. Navigate to root folder/system/priv-app of your device by doing:copy file into android system app folder
    1. Open settings by tapping on menu key or icon at top left
    2. Under Local tab, tap on / Device
    3. Scroll and find the system folder and tap on it
    4. Scroll and find the priv-app folder and tap on it
    5. Now you are inside the priv-app folder, paste the Google Dialer.apk that you copied in step 5.
  7. Change the app’s permissions by doing:change app file permission on es file explorer
    1. Tap and hold on GoogleDialer.apk you just pasted
    2. Then press 3-dot button on the screen and select properties
    3. Now, click on the change button right to the Permissions text to bring up pop-up menu titled Permission
    4. Uncheck all boxes under Execute option and uncheck Group and Other boxes under Write option. See the screenshot above for help.
    5. Tap on OK. Now, it will read as rw- r– r– between Permissions text and change text on the properties pop-up. Press back button to go back in priv-app folder.
  8. That’s it. Restart your device and Locate the new phone app in the app drawer and drag it to home screen for quick access. Open the phone app and look into settings, you have it right there.

Start using the cool new KitKat dialer on your android phone. Though you’ve install the new dialer app, the incoming calls will still goes through the old dialer app. You can use the both dialer app without any problem. Enjoy!

  • Maurice V Dawson Sr.

    Everything worked fine but i made the mistake and deleted default phone app. what do i do now

  • Satyavir Singh

    Under Tools trying to turn on Root Explorer, it is unable to do on my device. My device is Samsung Tab3 SM-T111 and android version is 4.2.2, Please help me

  • Satyavir Singh

    Under Tools trying to turn on Root Explorer, it is unable to do on my device. My device is Samsung Tab3 SM-T111 and android version is 4.2.2, Please help me

  • Rick

    Same issue here on my S5. Can I safely delete the added Google Dialer from the /priv-app folder? I have renamed the file to check, but everytime my phone reboots I get the message that Google is checking for updated software…

  • Vincent Westberg

    i did everything on lg g2 running stock rooted it all went well but i dont have dialer with search feature?

  • SizzleMan

    Get the same error after restart. “Unfortunately Google Dialer has stopped”. This is on the Sprint Galaxy S4. See screenshots below. Its in the right place but error happens. Please help!!

  • shawn gormley

    Hi there. I have done every strep and when I click the icon to open the dialer I get “”unfortunately, google dialer has stopped” suggestions?

  • muça

    i want to do the reverse, how can i install an older dialer and call log in 4.4? this new is a s***

  • Azfar

    Won’t this work on non-KitKat devices? Even if they’re rooted?

    • Give it a try and see if works. Just be careful not to delete default phone app. Comeback and share your experience.

      • Azfar

        Strangely enough, I can’t find the priv-app folder inside system :S

        • viki

          Me too.. I followed all the steps mentioned above, but couldnt find the priv-app folder at that location. All other folders in the screenshot were present though! Is thr any other place where I could paste the apk?

          • Place the apk inside app folder, there should be an app folder, see if it works

          • bauti

            nop, it doesnt work either in the App folder